My Sweet Retirement Mid Year Checkpoint 2019

I was too busy with work that I have neglected or forgotten the goals that I have set for myself in the year 2019 (Read more: My Sweet Retirement Goals for 2019). I should have done a mid year checkpoint back in June 2019. But well, let me review the goals that I have set for myself before August ends.

#1 Achieve 11K of Passive Income

One of the best features that I liked about Stocks Café is the report function whereby I can see the projected dividends based on the stocks that I held in my stock portfolio. The total dividends that I am expected to receive in 2019 is S$10,359.54. This means I am S$640.46 away from my goal of achieving 11K of Passive Income.

This year, I have made a major purchase, which is SPH REIT. SPH REIT currently makes up 11% of my stock portfolio. This has given my dividends collected a booster. One of the things that I have noted is that this was the only purchase I made this year. Am I being over conservative? I need to reflect on this.

#2 Declutter

This goal that I have set is difficult to measure but I have since done the following:

  • Throw away expired food and sauces that occupies my fridge.
  • Bought two bookshelves to organize my children’s books and my books.
  • Throw away paper bills that lay around my table for months.
  • Stopped buying multiple bottle of shampoos and throw away empty bottles in my toilet.

Before I buy anything, I will always think “Do I really need it?”. This has reduced wastages as sometimes I stock up too much food and ended up throwing them away when they expire.

#3 Contribute Back to Society

I have recently donated to Hair For Hope 2019 which is an annual event by the Children’s Cancer Foundation to raise funds. (Read more: My Sweet Retirement Donates to Hair For Hope 2019). Cancer is a terrible illness and I hope the small amount that I donate make a difference to those children who are suffering due to cancer. Children are our future.

Before the end of the year 2019, I do hope I make another donation. I have not yet decided on the charity organisation yet.

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