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Here are the list of websites and blogs which I frequently visit for stock investing ideas, stock news and stock analysis. If you are a financial blogger like me and will like to do a link exchange, please contact me via the contact form.

Turtle Investor

Hello there! I am Kevin and the author behind the Turtle Investor blog. At age 37, I hit CPF Full Retirement Sum (FRS) of $176,000 on the last day of 2019, twelve years after graduating from university. I am married and owns a 4-room apartment. I continue to be gainfully employed to build up my portfolio and provide my loved ones with better lives. Leaving everything behind and transitioning to a digital nomad life in Bali remains an option but not something that I’m actively pursuing now …

Coinbase (Buy and sell cryptocurrency)

Coinbase is the easiest place to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The company started in 2012 with the radical idea that anyone, anywhere, should be able to easily and securely send and receive Bitcoin. Today, Coinbase offer a trusted and easy-to-use platform for accessing the broader cryptoeconomy.

The Babylonians

Inspired by “The Richest Man in Babylon”, The Babylonians was founded as a financial blog to share educational content about investing and personal finance. To read a more detailed version of why this name was chosen, do check up the post on the story of Babylon. We are working on an experiment (using myself as a test subject) to see if it is possible for the average joe to escape the 9-5 rat race by following certain laws and principles of wealth. The timeframe to carry out this experiment …

3foreverfinancialfreedom (3Fs) Financial Independence

If you are looking for a place where you can learn about money management, investing and financial independence, then this site is the right one for you. My name is Brian and I am the founder of this blog that you are currently reading. Throughout my life, I’ve been looking for ways to make money work harder for me and so I began writing the chronicle of my journey at the age of 24 right where I began my career. Many years have since passed and I have written over a thousand article combined …

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr Money Mustache is a thirtysomething* retiree who now writes about how we can all live a frugal yet Badass life of leisure. My (former) wife and I studied engineering and computer science in Canada, then worked in standard tech-industry cubicle jobs in various locations throughout the late ’90s and early 2000s. Then we retired from real work way back in 2005 in order to start a family. This was achieved not through luck or amazing skill, but simply by living a lifestyle about 50% less expensive …

Dividend Calculator

A tool for projecting dividends.

Idle-empire (Earn cryptocurrencies)

Earn free skins, games, gift cards & cryptocurrencies by completing small tasks, watch videos, answer marketing surveys or test games and services. Today, Idle Empire have over 500,000 users from all around the world.

Singapore Investment Bloggers

Singapore Investment Bloggers is started in 2010 to compile a list of investment blogs based in Singapore for easy access and reference. Over the years, it’s great to see bloggers coming together and connecting with each other. The knowledge and information shared also help fellow bloggers and investors move closer to their goal of financial freedom.

Dividend Knight

Some of my readers are curious about how I begin my investment journey. So, let me fill you guys in. It started back in 2013 when the markets were volatile and bearish due to ‘QE tapering tantrums’. After following some financial bloggers like Dividend Warrior, MusicWhiz, Investment Moats and AK for a long time, I decided to take the first step towards building my own dividend portfolio. Their portfolios inspire me, especially Dividend Warrior’s version. I am in my late thirties with no family …

The Grey Rhino

The “Grey Rhino” is a financial term that has the same connotation as “the elephant in the room”. It refers to a problem that is very large and obvious. However, many choose to ignore the issue even though it can be clearly seen. Hence, the Grey Rhino was created to educate people on risk mitigation when investing instead of solely focusing on profit generation. This helps us avoid financial misery. The Grey Rhino was also created to equip people with skills and knowledge to recognise and seize prevailing investment opportunities. This helps us achieve financial victory. Lastly, the Grey Rhino aspires to inspire more people to live meaningfully and joyfully. Living a life kind to ourselves, other people, other living beings and our environment. As Mahatma Ghandi said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

Rolf Suey

I am a Singaporean, born in the 1970s experiencing mid-life career crisis at time of writing this blog. One reason to start blogging after 30s, is to break my own comfort zone. While it can be considered late, it is “Better Late Than Never”. Today, I am grateful to have somewhat good health, family with me, and also have the joy of seeing my kids grow up each day. Together with a reasonably good career, I considered myself happy!My life started from a humble family with my father receiving … (Buy and sell cryptocurrencies) is the world’s fastest growing Crypto App. With the App, you can buy and sell 150+ cryptocurrencies with Xfers or your credit/debit card. also offers you the Visa card whereby there are no annual fees. Enjoy up to 8% back on all spending with your sleek, pure metal card. Top-up with fiat or crypto.

My Investment Portfolio

A self-directed investor, looking to invest for retirement needs and bypass all those expensive financial planners/insurance agents. Investing is fun, profitable or most important of all, knowledge gained is useful for the rest of your life!

Pyinvesting: Backtesting Software

PyInvesting is a powerful tool that helps investors backtest and go live with their investment ideas without writing a single line of code.

A Pen Quotes

Hi, I am a typical guy born in 1976. You can call me ‘T’. Family: I have a lovely wife and 2 kids (a boy and a girl). To me, they are the best things that happened in my life. Work: I’m working full-time in the construction industry. Interests: I like to swim, draw and read up on financial articles. However, most importantly, I did not study finance or economics. I am also not working in the finance industry, so pardon the many errors and mis-information that are found in my blog posts. My posts are not recommendations for any investment. Please do your own research before buying.

This blog is a special project of mine and it is a place for me to pen down my thoughts and to share it with everyone, with a particular focus on documenting down my journey to attain financial independence before reaching the age of 40.

Singapore Stock Dividends History

A website that shows you Singapore Stock Dividends History.


Chengkok is a Founder of Wealthdojo and an Associate Financial Consultant. His vision is to build the biggest community of financially free families all over the world. It all started when he realised that the majority of families are overwhelmed by family and work obligations. Even though many of them are hardworking and educated, they become stuck financially and unable to achieve the results they desire in life. They are known as the Educated Poor. He aims to break the this trap using the 6 Levels Wealth Karate Strategy.

The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person believes in spreading a message that financial literacy and sound investment knowledge can help people around the world achieve financial independence and lead better lives for themselves and their loved ones. Our company and the knowledge we share is born of that mission. So take a tour around our site and read the articles we have to share. There’s a lot of free and very useful content you can use right now to become a better investor. And we hope that the good stuff we have here will lead to smarter, more profitable investment decisions for you and the world at large.

Heartland Boy

Heartland Boy is a young working adult who pretends to be competent in the real estate industry despite graduating with only a Business Management degree. Outside of work, he analyses stocks, REITs and property for investment to build passive income. He is also a stickler for all things that represent value-for-money. is a personal finance blog in Singapore where you can follow the arduous journey of a true-blue heartlander who is on the elusive chase for financial independence. He has the ambition of attaining financial freedom before turning 40 so that he has the option to retire before society retires him prematurely.

The Boy Who Procrastinates

Everyone procrastinates from time to time, be it completing a simple task or embarking on a journey. To put something off until tomorrow is simply part of being human and many viewed procrastinators as inherently lazy or inefficient. However, from another perspective, procrastinators can be driven by perfectionism and they often put off a decision because they are afraid of making the wrong or less ideal choices. In the context of beginning a financial journey, starting early with a longer …

Stocks Cafe

StocksCafe will suit investors who want to monitor their portfolio’s true performance with minimal hassle. In addition, there are many tools to support their investing journey, like daily market update emails, alerts, and watchlists. All you need to do is enter your transactions whenever you buy or sell stocks. StocksCafe will automatically calculate everything else for you, from your returns (e.g. P&L, dividends, Xirr) to your risk (e.g. Beta, Var). StocksCafe currently supports Singapore Exchange, Bursa Malaysia, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange & Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Indian Stock Exchanges. StocksCafe also supports CryptoCurrencies. keeps all the good local blogs on Singapore Finance together in one place, making it easier for anyone who wants to learn about Investing (property, stocks, trading) and Personal Finance (insurance, saving, spending).

The aim of is to gather and orchestrate the voices of financial analysts, news channels, social media, investment bloggers, as well as voices from you, to allow easy access to various point of views from multiple sources and different perspectives for better investment decisions such that one would be not be blind sighted by single source of information. also aim to amplify the voices of investment bloggers by sharing the articles to wider audience of investors community.

Hodlnaut (Earn Interest On Your Crypto)

Hodlnaut is a platform that provides financial services for individual investors like you and me where we can deposit our cryptocurrencies and earn interest on our cryptocurrencies by lending it to corporate borrowers. Earn up to 12.73% APY with a crypto interest account from Hodlnaut. Deposit your crypto and start earning immediately with no lock ups or withdrawal limits.

My 15 Hour Work Week

Hi, I am Thomas (a.k.a. Mr 15HWW) and I am in my mid-thirties. Very happily married (very strong emphasis here), I am the co-writer behind this blog. The other permanent writer is my wife who has written three blog post so far (good luck searching for it here). But well, her contribution goes far and deep since she thinks she is actually the mastermind behind the rest of the other post. Instead of declaring that I am a value investor or income investor and offending hordes of people who go by …

Financial Horse

Financial Horse was founded with a simple goal – To provide high quality financial commentary, in plain English. He is a firm believer in Einstein’s quote that “If you can’t explain it to six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Too much of finance is shrouded in complex jargon, and Financial Horse aims to demystify financial investments. Everything on Financial Horse is based on first-hand experience, as he does not believe in recommending products that he will not invest in …

My Investment Machine

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