Stock Portfolio Updates June 2021

Stock Portfolio Updates June 2021

Here is my Stock Portfolio Updates for June 2021. The last time I updated my stock portfolio was in March 2021. Can you spot the difference and guess what I have recently added to my stock portfolio?

If you have been following my blog, there are two key stocks that I have been eyeing on for the past few months. The two stocks are Delfi Limited and Manulife US REIT.

Unfortunately, I was not able to make a lump sum purchase on these stocks as I have depleted my war chest when the stock market crashed due to COVID-19 pandemic last year. Thus, I adopted the strategy of making small purchases when my cash flow allows and when the share price is correct.

Delfi Limited (SGX: P34)

Over these months, the share price of Delfi Limited has went up since I entered into a position in March. As you can see, the current dividend yield is 3.31%. The current dividend yield is non-attractive to me and I have to wait for future opportunities.

Delfi Limited Share Price 22 June 2021

Manulife US REIT (SGX: BTOU)

This month, I increased my position with Manulife US REIT. As you can see, Manulife US REIT makes up 3.97% of my stock portfolio as compared to 3.20% a month ago.

The share price has remained stable at US$0.76 until it started its uptrend journey these few days. I was lucky to make my position before the uptrend kicks in.

At US$0.78, you should still get more than 5% current dividend yield. Let us hope the share price remains stable so that I can further increase my position when my cash flow allows.

Manulife US REIT Share Price 22 June 2021

Summary for Stock Portfolio Updates June 2021

I am still sticking to my strategy of building a stock portfolio of dividend stocks that can provide me with endless stream of side income. I hope I can change it from side income to my main income one day.

Recently, I have done an analysis of Frasers Industrial Thailand REIT. However, the current dividend yield is also not attractive for me to make a position.

What shall I buy next?

Stock Portfolio Updates March 2021


Here is my stock portfolio updates for March 2021. The last time I updated my stock portfolio was in November 2020. So what have I been buying these few months?

If you compare the differences, you would have noticed that I have added more of US Manulife REIT. The manager has managed to keep its occupancy high despite the US economy suffering from the impact of COVID-19.

As mentioned previously, my opinion is that the catalyst for Manulife REIT will be the recovery of the US economy as vaccines get delivered to the US citizens. On 1st March, US Manulife REIT fell to a low of US$0.65 which was a good opportunity for investors to jump onto the boat. Since then, US Manulife REIT has recovered to the current share price of US$0.72.

Another stock that I have added recently is Delfi Limited. I have initiated only a small position given that this company has been constantly paying good dividends over the years. Taking opportunity of the current stock market weakness, I decided to nibbled a little bit of Delfi Limited.

That is all I have to update. What have you been buying?