Are You A Leech?

Team work

It has since been a long time I wrote about work. Recently, I have been trying to find a term to best describe one type of co-worker. I have noticed that this type of co-worker, even though part of the project team, did not perform any tasks throughout the project at all. He goes with the majority when the decisions are made and almost never take a stance of his own.

The consequence of having such a co-worker is that the others have to work more and harder to compensate in order to fill the gap.

I read about 4 types of people that are linked to one’s success. The 4 types are the leader, loafer, leech and lifter. The type of co-worker I describe above is termed as “The Leech”. A leech is basically a type of parasite that feeds on your blood. Similarly, this type of co-worker feeds on your blood.

How do you identify a leech in your workplace? Below are the characteristics you can observe in order to identify the Leech:

  • They are unwilling to participate but over-willing to eat from your harvest of success.
  • They make no sacrifices to achieve real success and offers no extraordinary value.
  • They are often “yes-men” and “yes-woman”.
  • They always side with the majority and never question authority.
  • They never take a stance of their own.
  • Their goal is to remain secure in order to keep their job.
  • They steal opportunities before you.

People who are leeches can never be a catalyst of your success and may pose a threat to you. They steal opportunities and simply live off your success.

Stay away from leeches.

“You will move in the direction of the people that you associate with, so it’s important to associate with people that are better than yourself – Warren Buffett”

I Deserve A Promotion But That Is Not Happening!

Disappointed in not getting a job promotion

I got my job promotion to a manager in the year 2017. As a manager, I was given new responsibilities and I have mastered them all over the years. I am one of the top performers in my department and my peers recognizes that I am operating at a higher level.

This month, we will be getting our bonuses and promotion. The disappointing news is that I am not getting any job promotion. People who recently joined my company have a higher job title and those that started later than me have also been promoted. I have talked to my boss about it but did not obtain a satisfactory answer.

Below are some things that I have learnt.

A job done well in a corporate world doesn’t guarantee a promotion

Doing your job well or even doing more work than the others does not necessary guarantee you a job promotion. I have worked longer hours and put in extra effort than the others but it does not guarantee you success.

However, the extra effort put in does help me build up my work experiences. You learn more by doing more.

You have to take your own charge of your career

There are always options out there to take yourself to a higher level. We should never put the responsibility of our career development on our bosses. If your boss have no career plans for you, you may never get the job promotion you wanted.

One thing I have learnt is that we have to continue to learn and uplift our skills so that we can stay relevant and valuable to the job market.

Always keep your resume updated and lookout for good positions out there in the job market.

Do not over rely on your job

We all know that higher responsibilities command a higher salary. What if you never gotten the higher job role you wanted?

That is where having an alternative or passive income matters. Start investing right now if you have not started. You can also start a side hustle if you have any brilliant ideas.

Life is never fair

I wrote the same thing last year. When we worked, the goal is not to be recognized or to be rewarded, the goal is to be VALUABLE. Because when you are valuable, the recognition and rewards will come naturally!