How I Earn 10% Cashback On My McDonalds Meal

MCO Ruby Steel Visa Card

Do you want to earn cashback on any purchase? Last month, I have applied for the MCO Visa card which gives you cashback in the form of MCO. What is MCO? MCO is a cryptocurrency and a utility token on the Ethereum blockchain that powers the app.

I have received my Red Ruby Steel Visa card and have been using it for online purchases and at food outlets. What surprised me was that is running a promotion whereby you get 10% back for food and grocery shopping for paying with the MCO Visa card. As you can see below, I have used the MCO Visa card to pay for my McDonald meal. I was rewarded with S$3.43 in the form of MCO. You can sell off the MCO and credit the cash into your MCO Visa card balance.

If you sign up for the Ruby Steel (Red) MCO card using my MCO referral link, both you and me will receive US$50 in the form of MCO token.

Here are a the long list of brands that gets you 10% cashback this month

  1. Uber Eats
  2. Deliveroo
  3. Foodpanda
  4. McDonald’s
  5. Domino’s Pizza
  6. Walmart
  7. DoorDash
  8. Instacart
  9. Kroger
  10. Costco
  11. Whole Foods Market
  12. GrabFood
  13. FairPrice
  14. Sheng Siong
  15. Carrefour
  16. Woolworths
  17. Menulog
  18. Emart
  20. HKTVmall
  21. MetroMart

Besides the above, users can also buy crypto with 3.5% credit card fee waived and get up to 20% on Food Delivery with Pay Gift card.

MCO Visa McDonalds

Unfortunately the above cashback promotion ends on 30th June 2020. Without the promotion, you will receive the standard 2% cashback on any purchases.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now to receive cashback!

Cryptocurrency – MCO Credit Card

MCO Ruby Steel Card

Cryptocurrency has evolved tremendously since I last took a look at it. Back in the year 2018, I built my own rig to mine for Ethereum. When cryptocurrency crashed, I decided to quit mining as it became non profitable since the cost of electricity is higher than the profits earned. Moreover, the rig was generating a lot of heat and dust which is unhealthy to my family members.

I became interested in Cryptocurrency again when Kevin from Turtle Investor shared about the MCO credit card. MCO is a cryptocurrency and a utility token on the Ethereum blockchain that powers the app. As you can see below, there are different tiers of cards you can choose from. Different tiers offer you different percentage of cashback (in the form of MCO) and benefits that you can enjoy with your card.

Staking MCO

All the cards except the Midnight Blue card requires staking of MCO. Staking means you need to purchase MCO tokens and these tokens have to be locked in the app for six months. At the point of writing, 1 MCO token cost around S$7.80. Depending on your budget and risk appetite, the Royal Indigo (Purple), Jade Green (Green) and Ruby Steel (Red) is the most affordable. 500 MCO and 50 MCO cost you S$3,900 and S$390 respectively.

I have signed up for the Ruby Steel (Red) MCO card. If you sign up using my MCO referral link, you and myself will receive US$50 in the form of MCO token.

Cryptocurrency - MCO Credit Card

Why I apply for MCO credit card?

You probably might ask for the reason why I have applied for MCO credit card. Even thought the Ruby Steel card offers you 100% cashback on Spotify subscription, this is not the reason why I have signed up for it. Most of credit cards that I held no longer offers cashback on certain transactions such as payment for utility bills, HDB parking, school fees etc. I shall be using the MCO credit card for these payments.

2% cashback may seem little for some. But based on my household spending habits, the cashback is certainly beneficial to lighten my monthly expenses.

At the point of writing, I am waiting for my Ruby Steel to be shipped. I will share more updates after receiving my card.

Coinbase Pulls Plug on Xfers

Coinbase Pulls Plug on Xfers

The journey into Cryptocurrency has not been easy. Recently, Ethereum has been on a downtrend with prices falling below USD$500. Today, I received a notification from Coinbase, the digital wallet that I am currently using to cash out the Ethereum from my mining (Profit Update After A Month of Mining Ethereum).

Coinbase notified that they are going to sunset Xfers on 15th May 2018. Currently, if you sell Ethereum using Coinbase, you can deposit the sale profits to Xfers and then use Xfers to transfer the cash to your Singapore local bank account.

On May 15th, 2018, Coinbase will pause the ability to buy or sell digital assets using the Xfers integration.

The growth of cryptocurrency interest within Singapore is heartening. However, we soon realized that the Coinbase/Xfers integration is not suitable in its current form to handle the growth. This change will allow both companies to prioritize efforts to provide a better payment experience for customers and focus resources on new projects. – Coinbase FAQ

What Is the Impact to Singapore Customers?

You can still pay for your purchase of Ethereum or Bitcoin using your credit card but you cannot sell Ethereum or Bitcoin on Coinbase! OMG, this means there is no way for you to cash out your digital assets!

I guess I have to source for a new method to cash out my profits from Ethereum. Can someone share an alternative?