7 Fallen Angel Stocks In September 2020

Fallen Angel Stocks

Below are 7 fallen angel stocks in September 2020 whereby their current share price has almost reached their 52 week lowest price. The term “fallen angel” is often used to describe a stock that has fallen from its all-time highs.

Most investors will stay away from a stock when it’s share price suddenly plunges. This is not wrong because our psychological mindset tells us not to catch that falling knife.

Warren Buffett once said “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” In my opinion, not every fallen angel stock is a bad stock. A fallen angel stock can be an opportunity for value investors. We should assess whether the factors that causes the plunge in share price of the company is temporary or permanent.

Using my favourite stock screener from Stocks Café, here are 7 large cap stocks that have fallen from their all time high.

Name Market Capitalisation 52-Week Lowest Price Current Price (28th Sep 2020)
Sembcorp Marine 1.8B S$0.141 S$0.143
Singtel 34.5B S$2.12 S$2.13
SPH 1.7B S$1.02 S$1.05
SIA 10B S$3.20 S$3.41
Keppel Corp 7.6B S$4.08 S$4.19
Olam International 4B S$1.24 S$1.27
Haw Par 2.1B S$9.10 S$9.32

From the above list, there are a few companies that I know of and why their share price have fallen so much. For example, we know that Sembcorp Marine has been hit badly by the COVID-19 pandemic and recent collapse in oil prices. Sembcorp Industries and Sembcorp Marine had proposed a S$2.1 billion recapitalisation and demerger.

If you are keen to catch any of the above fallen angels, do study in details on whether the business fundamentals are still intact.

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