Book Review: GRIT – Why Passion and Resilience are The Secrets to Success

I have been reading this book recently that leaves me pondering. How did some financial bloggers achieve F.I.R.E (Financial Independence, Retire Early)? How did some people become successful at work and get their job promotion? How did some entrepreneurs become so successful at their startup? I spoke to some of my friends about these questions. They told me it is related to “Talent” or “Fate” and if you are not talented at stock investing, you will not achieve F.I.R.E. Their answers definitely are not satisfying. I found my answers in this book I found. Read More

Book Review: Everyday Tidiness – 365 Ways to a Decluttered Life

As the year 2018 comes to an end and we are welcoming the year 2019, I started to think about what I want to do in 2019. Recently, I came across this book at the National Library. The title is “Everyday Tidiness – 365 Ways to a Decluttered Life“. It is a simple book that provides a tidying tip, a decluttering exercise or inspirational quote for every day of the year.

I am halfway reading the book and one of the thing I have done immediately is to throw away or recycle some things that is taking up space in my home. I have thrown away empty boxes, donated books to the national library book exchange corner which I have not touched for years and cleared away expired foodstuff that is taking up space in my fridge.

In the upcoming 2019, I will constantly remind myself to buy only necessary stuff and not splurge on unnecessary items just because the item is on sale or cheap as these items usually take up space in my home. The same theory can also be applied to stocks. I should not buy stocks on impulse and follow a discipline approach.

I shall make “Living a Decluttered Life” one of my goals in 2019.

When you live surrounded by clutter, it is impossible to have clarity about what you are doing in your life. – Karen Kingston

Book Review: It is Only Money and It Grows on Trees!

This is an eBook I received from Cara MacMillan in return for a book review. Apologies for the long time I took to finish reading the book as I was very occupied with work these few months.

The content of this book touches my inner soul deeply. The author uses students of different religion and in a role playing style, the book shares about how students of different religions have different perception of the value of money.

Using very simple examples, the author explains about value investing, dividends and bonds. These terms should be familiar to many financial bloggers as we invest for different purposes and reasons. I love the way the author writes about building a passive income. That is what my blog is mostly about and towards achieving a sweet retirement.

Previous generation believed getting a good job will guaranteed a lifetime of financial security, today it only means security for that time of economic growth.

The above quote is from the book. Yes, above is what my parents think. In current modern fast paced Singapore economy, do you think your job is as secured as before?

An excellent book I will recommend to young investors as it sets them on the right track about stock investing is not gambling.

I give it an above average rating of four stars.