Auntie Sam Vending Freebies in Singapore

Vending Machine

Do you like to look for freebies in Singapore? Well, I spotted something interesting recently. It is a vending machine that give away freebies. The vending machine is called “Auntie Sam” and you can find one in East Point Mall, Hillion Mall, Jurong Point, VivoCity and Waterway Point. The exact address can be found at the end of this post below.

Auntie Sam was innovated by this company called Elitez Ptd Ltd which aims to reinvent the traditional way of sampling with a self help model. Auntie Sam is a brand new sampling experience providing full sized samples through a vending machine.

So what exactly can you get free from the vending machine? So far, I have redeemed

  1. Super Coffee Mix (3 in 1)
  2. Gold Kili Kopi C Kosong
  3. Carlsberg Alcohol Free Wheat

How to Sign Up and Redeem?

Using the concept of tokens, you exchange the tokens for the sample that you wish to redeem at the vending machine. Tokens are credits to redeem samples. There are two types of tokens:

  • Free – issued weekly (e.g. every Monday)
  • Premium – purchased, referral, promo, refund, giveaway.
  1. Go to
  2. Sign up using your mobile number.
  3. On the vending machine, select the item you wish to receive.
  4. Scan the QR code that can be found under “Samples” section of the website. 1 token will be deducted.

Free token will expire if not used within the week, thus the maximum balance for free token is capped at 1. To redeem samples that require more than 1 token, you would need premium tokens to do so.

If you want more tokens, you can sign up for their premium plans. Bojio plan is free and by default, while Shiok plan is at S$0.99/week. You may select from 1/4/12 weeks of subscription for Shiok plan – 1 week (S$0.99), 4 weeks (S$2.99) and 12 weeks (S$7.99).

Locations of Auntie Sam (As of 16th December 2020)

Here are the locations of Auntie Sam vending machine.

East Point Mall
Outside FairPrice (Level 5)
3 Simei Street 6
Singapore 528833
Hours: 24hours

Hillion Mall
Near Taxi Stand (Level 1)
17 Petir Road
Singapore 678278
Hours: 24hours

Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2
#03-01, FairPrice Xtra
Singapore 648886
Hours: 24hours

1 Harbourfront Walk
#B2-23, FairPrice Xtra
Singapore 098585
Hours: 0800-2300

Waterway Point (JDE)
The Boardwalk
83 Punggol Central
Singapore 828761
Hours: 24hours

What Stocks To Buy In December 2020

Stock Screening

Looking for dividend stocks to buy in December 2020 but not sure where to start? While others shop for stuff on the 12.12 sale, I shop for dividend stocks.

With recent news of COVID-19 vaccine availability, the US stock market rallied to such positive news even though daily death rates are still very high in many countries. Since the Singapore stock market always follow the trend of the US stock market, STI turned green as well.

Now, have you gotten a list of dividend stocks to buy?

As a dividend stock investor, I always keep a watch list of dividend yielding stocks on hand. When stock prices goes up, the current dividend yield decreases. When stock prices fall, the current dividend yield increases. This poses an opportunity for dividend stock investors to pick up the stock at higher yield and cheaper price.

One of the easiest way to create a watch list of dividend yielding stocks is to use a stock screener. My favourite stock screener is from Stocks Café. There are plenty of stock screening tools out there. You can use the one you are comfortable with.

I am a medium risk type of investor and thus I never looked at stocks with dividend yield more than 10%. Below are the conditions I set in the stock screener to identify dividend stocks.

  • Current Yield (%) >= 5 and <= 10
  • Price / Earnings <=20
  • Price / Book <= 3
  • Market Capitalization >= 1B

Below are the top dividend yielding stocks as of 11th December 2020 for your reference.

Name Current Yield % P/E P/B Market Cap
CromwellReit EUR 7.937 10.02 0.925 1.2B
NTES ADR US$+ 7.896 3.11 0.5 6.3B
CromwellReit SGD 7.667 10.73 0.964 1.9B
CapitaRetail China Trust 7.106 8.43 0.801 1.7B
Yanlord Land 6.126 3.27 0.387 2.1B
Hong Leong Finance 5.696 10.18 0.552 1.1B
Ascendas Reit 5.637 18.27 1.312 10.8B
OUE Commmercial Reit 5.455 15.59 0.631 2.1B
Jardine Cycle & Carriage 5.454 6.57 0.844 7.9B
Olam International 5.298 8.99 0.847 4.8B
Frasers L&C Trust 5.159 13.04 1.213 4.6B
Suntec Reit 5.059 10.64 0.713 4.2B
UOB 5.007 9.87 0.949 38.1B

The list of stocks that meet my predefined criteria is getting shorter and shorter. This means that stock prices are getting more unattractive because when stock prices increase, current dividend yield decreases.

In October, the 3 local banks UOB, DBS and OCBC Bank appeared in the list with attractive current dividend yields of 5.816, 5.33 and 5.023% respectively. DBS and OCBC Bank are no longer in the screened results, which means their stock prices have rallied, thus the dividend yield is now lower based on current price. OCBC Bank makes up 2.44% of my stock portfolio.

UOB is the only bank stock that appeared in the screened results with a current dividend yield of 5.007% as compared to last month 5.315%. UOB is trading at S$22.77 as of 11th December 2020.

The current dividend yield of CapitaLand Retail China Trust is 7.106%. This looks suspicious as the CapitaLand Retail China Trust price has went up to S$1.32 and last month dividend yield was only 5.22%. Google showed the dividend yield at 4.90%. Thus, as due diligence, we should always cross check against the data provided by stock screeners. Based on the full year DPU of 9.9 cents and current share price of S$1.32, the current dividend yield is 7.5%.

Dividend investors who wants to invest in a REIT with retail assets in China can consider this. CapitaLand Retail China Trust’s recent preferential offering to unitholders has been priced at S$1.17, the bottom end of the indicative range. CapitaLand Retail China Trust said it was looking to buy interests in five business park properties in Suzhou, Xian and Hangzhou as well as the remaining 49 per cent stake in the Rock Square mall.

That’s all folks!