Old Chang Kee (SGX: 5ML) Free Curry Puffs

Old Chang Kee Curry O

Old Chang Kee (SGX: 5ML) is rewarding customers with free curry puffs! Read more below. If you didn’t know, Old Chang Kee specialises in their hot snacks and lip smacking quick bites, notably their Curry’O which is everyone’s old school favourite curry puff.

On a side note, Old Chang Kee has been paying out dividends yearly since its listing in 2008.

Recently, Old Chang Kee has launched their rewards mobile app (iOS and Android) that let you earn stamps to redeem rewards. Below is how it looks like.

Earn 10 Stamps to Redeem Reward

You earn 1 stamp for every S$2 spent in a single receipt. After 10 stamps, you will unlock a reward.

Earn Stamps

Old Chang Kee Deals

This is where you find deals such as Buy 5 Get 1 Free Curry’O.

Old Chang Kee Deals

Old Chang Kee e-Vouchers (Free Curry Puffs)

Now, this is where the good stuff are. As you can see below, I have 3 e-Vouchers that lets me redeem free curry puffs.

The free 3 curry puffs are only exclusive for DBS/POSB card members.

First, you need to download the app and sign up as a member. Just link your payment method to your DBS/POSB Credit Card and you should see the 3 free e-Vouchers after completion. The promotion ends on 30th September 2021.

While stock lasts!

Old Chang Kee eVouchers

Check-In To Unlock Deals

The Old Chang Kee app has this feature whereby you have to check-In daily for 10 days to unlock a special deal!

This probably will attract customers to launch their app daily and promotional news can effectively reach their customers.

Old Chang Kee Check-In


Remember the success of Convenience Retail Asia whereby their success comes from their mobile app and they can reach out to their customer base effectively?

Old Chang Kee Ltd definitely has made the right move and we shall monitor to see if further value of its stock can be unlocked.

Renewing Open Electricity

Open Electricity

I am renewing my open electricity. It has been 2 years since I switched to an open electricity retailer. Back then, there were two standard price plans which are the Fixed Price Plan and Discount Off the Regulated Tariff Plan. I have opted for the Fixed Price Plan with SembCorp Power at 17.78 cents per kWh.

I have received a letter from SembCorp Power notifying me to renew my contract with them. Recently, I have heard from my friend that there was a lack of discounts given for renewal with the same open electricity retailer. So the big question comes. Should I renew my contract or switch to another open electricity retailer? Should I choose the fixed price plan or discount off the regulated tariff?

Below are the price plans that I have gotten from the individual open electricity retailer’s website.

Fixed Price Plan Discount Off Tariff Plan
Retailer 12 months 24 months 12 months 24 months
SembCorp Power 16.99 17.63 25.10% 23.60%
Tuas Power 16.99 17.63 25.11% 22.00%
Keppel Electric 17.45 17.69 NA 23.00%
Senoko Energy 17.18 17.63 25.00% 23.60%

As you can see above, SembCorp Power and Tuas Power offers the most competitive rates for their Fixed Price Plan (12 or 24 months). If you are going for Discount Off Tariff, I will go for Tuas Power (12 months) and SembCorp Power or Senoko Energy (24 months).

Below is the Electricity Tariff from 2017 to 2021. The orange and green lines give you an indication of how much you will be paying per kWh if you decided to opt for the discount off tariff plan.

Electricity Tariff 2017 to 2021

The downside of opting for the Discount Off Tariff plan is that when electricity prices suddenly hikes, you are actually paying more than the fixed price plans.

With all my research done, I have decided to renew my contract with SembCorp Power.

Even though SembCorp Power’s 12 months contract offers a lower price, I dislike the administrative work of having to do my research and renewal that soon. Thus, I opted for the 24 months plan.

I believe electricity will get more expensive and thus I am taking on the 24 months Fixed Price Plan whereby I will be paying 17.63 cents/kWh.

If you wanted to sign up for SembCorp Power Price Plans after reading this, use my referral code 8XSWFGMN to earn $20 bill rebates. Bill rebates will be used to offset your monthly electricity bills.