My Stock Portfolio (May 2020)

Stock Transactions for May 2020

My Stock Portfolio (May 2020)

The month of May 2020 is gone at the blink of an eye. During the end of each month, I will provide a summary of the stock transactions or actions that I have made for that month. Since April, I have stopped purchasing Singapore Savings Bonds as the interest rates had fallen to unattractive levels. The interest rate is only 1.05% for holding the bond for 10 years.

High Yield Low Risk

Not to worry, I have found a better place to deposit your money, which is the Singlife Account. The best thing I like about the Singlife Account is that it delivers a return of 2.5% per annum for the first S$10,000 deposited.

The interests collected goes back to my CIMB FastSaver account.

Stock Investments

I did not make any stock transactions this month. As the stock market stages its recovery, I am slowly building back my cash on hand too. During the stock market crash, I have deployed some funds to add a few quality stocks to my stock portfolio. I am glad the stock prices have since recovered and I shall monitor their performance before increasing my position on them.

The stock market can remain volatile as the COVID-19 pandemic has re-ignite the argument between the two big countries. With Beijing imposing new national security laws on Hong Kong, this has shaken the stock market as well. A few financial bloggers such as Brian (A Path to Forever Financial Freedom) took opportunity to load up on their favourite stocks. What I am trying to say here is that even if you missed out to buy stocks at incredibably low prices during the COVID-19 pandemic stock market crash, there are always more opportunities ahead.


The very last thing I wish to update here is the MCO card. I have signed up for the Ruby Steel (Red) MCO card. I am still waiting for the card to arrive. If you sign up using my MCO referral link, you and myself will receive US$50 in the form of MCO token.


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