MCO Ruby Steel Card

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MCO Ruby Steel Card

Cryptocurrency has evolved tremendously since I last took a look at it. Back in the year 2018, I built my own rig to mine for Ethereum. When cryptocurrency crashed, I decided to quit mining as it became non profitable since the cost of electricity is higher than the profits earned. Moreover, the rig was generating a lot of heat and dust which is unhealthy to my family members.

I became interested in Cryptocurrency again when Kevin from Turtle Investor shared about the MCO credit card. MCO is a cryptocurrency and a utility token on the Ethereum blockchain that powers the app. As you can see below, there are different tiers of cards you can choose from. Different tiers offer you different percentage of cashback (in the form of MCO) and benefits that you can enjoy with your card.

Staking MCO

All the cards except the Midnight Blue card requires staking of MCO. Staking means you need to purchase MCO tokens and these tokens have to be locked in the app for six months. At the point of writing, 1 MCO token cost around S$7.80. Depending on your budget and risk appetite, the Royal Indigo (Purple), Jade Green (Green) and Ruby Steel (Red) is the most affordable. 500 MCO and 50 MCO cost you S$3,900 and S$390 respectively.

I have signed up for the Ruby Steel (Red) MCO card. If you sign up using my MCO referral link, you and myself will receive US$50 in the form of MCO token.

Why I apply for MCO credit card?

You probably might ask for the reason why I have applied for MCO credit card. Even thought the Ruby Steel card offers you 100% cashback on Spotify subscription, this is not the reason why I have signed up for it. Most of credit cards that I held no longer offers cashback on certain transactions such as payment for utility bills, HDB parking, school fees etc. I shall be using the MCO credit card for these payments.

2% cashback may seem little for some. But based on my household spending habits, the cashback is certainly beneficial to lighten my monthly expenses.

At the point of writing, I am waiting for my Ruby Steel to be shipped. I will share more updates after receiving my card.


  1. I’m interested in the green/purple card but the current price is too high. Not sure if it will go down but I will probably get it if it ever goes to 2k+ range…

    Looking at the price graph, I missed out on the deal when it went down months ago but i was so engrossed with the stock market, this wasn’t in my radar. sigh

    1. Hi dk, same here. I was interested in the green/purple card for its higher cashback but staking 500 MCO is too much for me at the moment. Thus, I opt for the ruby steel card instead.

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