Financial Goals For October 2023

Long Term Financial Goal Progress for October 2023

It is the same time of the month again where I provide an update on the progress of myself trying to reach my targeted financial goals for October 2023. The total value of my financial assets improved from 69.80% to 70.82%.

At this point of writing, the global economy is plagued by the ongoing Fed interest rate hike, China property crisis and Israel-Hamas conflict. The US stock market and Singapore stock market became extremely volatile.

This month, Singapore REITs crashed badly. As my stock portfolio was mainly made up of REITs, the total value of my investments declined.

My Stock Portfolio

If you have noticed, I took opportunity of the REITs crisis and added Keppel DC REIT to my stock portfolio. I also accumulated more of CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust.

Besides buying REITs, I took opportunity of the market weakness and added another banking stock UOB to my portfolio.


I want to share that I use Stocks Café to keep track of the total value worth of my stocks. Stocks Café is my preferred tool for managing my stock portfolio. It is packed with tonnes of intelligent features such as portfolio monitoring and reporting, dividend tracking, stock screening. All these features are automated which means no manual entry is required.

Singapore Savings Bonds

Singapore Savings Bonds SBNOV23 GX23110V

The effective interest rate for SBNOV23 is 3.32% p.a. over a 10 years period. I have bought SBNOV23 given the attractive interest rate. Please do not ask me why I am not buying Treasury Bills given the returns are slightly higher. Well, I guess I am comfortable with the low risk Singapore Savings Bonds is offering. My personal opinion is that investing in Singapore Savings Bonds is a no brainer.

In October, there are some major movement in my Singapore Savings Bonds investment. I have redeemed my previous issues of Singapore Savings Bonds as the effective interest rates then was much lower. I intent to use the redeemed amount to purchase next month’s issue of the Singapore Savings Bonds.

If you want to predict next month interest rates, check out the 2 guides that I have written on Singapore Savings Bonds.

Summary of Financial Goals For October 2023

Some of the REITs in my stock portfolio have announced their 3Q2023 financial results. I am still trying to catch up on them.

Here are those that I have reviewed.

The current weakness in the stock market poses an opportunity to accumulate good quality stocks. Having said that, I have done enough shopping this month and ought to space out my purchases. My war chest is also almost depleted.

We shall see if November has further opportunities!

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