Summary of November 2016 Transactions



Wow, time flies. We are in the 2nd last month of the year 2016. Having sold off Sheng Siong, M1 and Cambridge Industrial Trust, I have spare cash in my war chest to deploy.

Taking opportunity of the Trump Crisis where stocks and REITs are slightly beaten down, I added more of Capitaland Mall Trust into my stock portfolio. (Read more at My Personal Analysis of Capitaland Mall Trust)

Capitaland Mall Trust now occupies 9% of my stock portfolio. The reason I added more of Capitaland Mall Trust is for more exposure to Retail REITs. This month, I categorize my stocks and REITs into the industry they are focused on. I noticed that the stocks and REITs I held have very little exposure to the retail sector and thus I decided to add more of it by adding more of Capitaland Mall Trust which is very much focused on shopping malls.

My stock portfolio is not perfect yet as you can see smaller percentage share of stocks in luxury, energy, office and hospitality etc.  I remain very overweight on ST Engineering as I believe it is a solid stock with economic moat. Over the next few months, if there are opportunities, I shall sell off some and buy some to balance my stocks over different industry sectors.


At the same time I am building my stock portfolio, I also helped to build up my spouse stock portfolio. This month, I added VICOM to her stock portfolio. She has now 4 stocks!

At current price of S$5.65, the dividend yield is 4.91%.


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