Update on Singapore Savings Bonds January 2017


January 2017 Singapore Savings Bonds gives you an effective interest rate of 2.18% over 10 years! Finally, the interest rate for Singapore Savings Bonds has slightly recovered after being on a downtrend in the year 2016.

According to Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) website, the first Savings Bond of 2017 (SBJAN17) will be issued on 3 January 2017, and up to $150 million will be available.

Most companies are paying out the Annual Wage Supplement (“AWS”) in the month of December. If you have no place to spend your money and no better place to invest for a better return, then why not put it in the Singapore Savings Bonds.

S$10,000 placed in the Singapore Savings Bonds will give you S$12,228 after 10 years.


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