Financial Goals Progress For June 2024

Long Term Financial Goal Progress for June 2024

Do you want to know about my Financial Goals Progress for June 2024? I have set a Financial Goal which is a target to stash sufficient money (target) which can help me to retire early in Singapore. Financial Goals are targets set to achieve specific monetary milestones or plans within a certain time frame.

In June 2024, the total value of my financial assets increased from 75.56% in May to 77.68%. The increase was largely attributed to the increase in cash balances in my savings account because of the payout of performance bonus from the company that I worked in. In Singapore, June is the period where many companies pay out performance bonuses. On top of the increase in cash balances, I observed that the value of my stock portfolio continued to grow every month.

US Inflation Rate May 2024

Just one day ago, share prices of Singapore REITs crept up slightly. The annual inflation rate in the US unexpectedly slowed to 3.3% in May 2024, the lowest in three months. Core inflation slowed to 3.4% annually, the lowest rate since April 2021 and below consensus of 3.5%. This shed light on the higher possibility that Fed could cut interest rates in September this year.

Updates to My Singapore Stock Portfolio in June 2024

My Stock Portfolio June 2024

In June, I added Sheng Siong to my stock portfolio after I observed that Sheng Siong’s share price came down slightly. My analysis showed that the fundamentals of Sheng Siong remained strong, and it will benefit from capitalising on the growing supply pipeline of new stores in residential areas, mainly the HDB estates. Sales in China will also increase with the reopening of China and the shift away from its zero-COVID-19 policy.

Besides Sheng Siong, I bought this month’s issue of Singapore Savings Bonds (SBJUL24 GX24070S). The effective interest rate is 3.30% p.a. if you hold SBUL24 for 10 years. Buying Singapore Savings Bonds is one of my ways to build up my monthly passive income for the longer term.

Updates to My US Stock Portfolio in June 2024

My US Stock Portfolio June 2024

In June, I took profit and partially divested Apple from my US stock portfolio. The share price of Apple rallied after Apple announced that it rolled out a variety of Artificial Intelligence features to come to iPhone and other devices later this year. It will also integrate with OpenAI’s hit generative AI chatbot ChatGPT directly into iPhone applications.

Alright, that is all the updates I have in June 2024. See you next month!

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