Total Dividends Collected in 2021


Total Dividends Collected in 2022

The total dividends that I have collected in the year 2021 is S$12,401.51. This is a decrease of 25.25% or S$3,131.09 as compared to the amount of S$15,532.60 that I have collected in the year 2020.

In 2020, Convenience Retail Asia has paid out a special dividend of HKD 3.85 per share. Without the consideration of the special dividend, total dividends collected in 2021 would have been an increase of 21.51%.

Do You Want To Be A Dividend Investor?

I am a dividend investor which means I buy stocks that pays dividends. But of course, it is not so simple as that. I screen and look out for stocks that are

a) Pay out dividends at least 4.5% or more.

b) Able to grow its dividend payout year on year (y-o-y)

c) Increase its share price due to investor’s confidence in the stock

d) Consistent payout in dividends

e) Pay special dividends time to time

How To Track Your Dividends

I am using Stocks Café to keep track of my dividends as it automatically tracks dividend payouts and there is no need for manual entry. This has saved me a lot of time in terms of tracking yearly dividend payout.

Projected Dividends Collected In 2022

Stocks Café has this feature that project your future dividends based on the following assumptions:

a) You will hold the same stocks and amounts until the end of the year, and
b) all stocks will give the same amount of dividends, on the same ExDate, as the previous year

Based on Stocks Café projection, I will receive S$12,752.71 dividends in the year of 2022.

Dividend Investment Strategy in 2022

The rising cost of living in Singapore such as increase in living expenses has resulted in less available income to invest in stocks. As such, I have to continue to be prudent in my spending.

When we start to see light at the end of the tunnel in 2021, a new Omicron variant emerges. It is uncertain how this will impact our lives in the year 2022. To be honest, I am sick of the  tightening measures and border closures. COVID-19 continue to be a burden to the Singapore economy.

I am persistent to continue my strategy of keeping calm and accumulation of dividend paying stocks when I have spare cash on hand. Most stock prices continue to be depressed and I believe when situation improves, these companies will start to pay more dividends.

Welcome 2022!

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