Summary of August 2018 Transactions

Summary of August 2018 Transactions

Summary of August 2018 Transactions

The month of August is ending and it is time to reflect on my monthly stock transactions. This month, I have divested Suntec REIT. With the proceeds, I have stick to my original plan and invested them into Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust. As such, the percentage of Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust increases from 11% to 13% in terms of total invested amount of my stock portfolio. You can read more here ( What To Invest Now? ) on how I came to the decision to invest in Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust instead of other REITs in my stock portfolio.

Summary of August 2018 Transactions

We all know that the industry is cylindrical. As such, we should never invest all our monies in the same industry as in the event there is a downtrend in the particular industry, all the stocks and REITs related to the particular industry will be hit. As per the chart above, I am overweight in the Industrial industry due to Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust. Singapore Savings Bonds continue to be a safe haven for me to park my emergency funds. We are know that retrenchment rate is increasing and I never know when it will be my turn next.

Silverlake Axis

Silverlake Axis has caught my attention recently as the stock price has fallen below S$0.50 and I am still hesitating whether to open a position in Silverlake Axis. Silverlake Axis has a dividend policy to pay out not less than 40% of the Group’s net profit as dividends. At the current share price of S$0.46 and normal dividends of 2.2 cents in FY17, this translates to an estimated dividend yield of 4.78%.

(Read more: My Personal Analysis of Silverlake Axis )

Summary of August 2018 Transactions


Another stock that caught my attention is Singtel. The share price has fallen to as much as S$3.06 before jumping to S$3.28 due to the announcement of its merger with the Australian Telco. The stock price has decline slightly back to S$3.20. Based on the dividend payout of 17.5 cents and share price of S$3.06, this translates to an attractive estimated dividend yield of 5.72%. If we enter at current price of S$3.20, the estimated dividend yield will be 5.47%.

(Read more: My Personal Analysis of Singtel )

Summary of August 2018 Transactions

That is all folks! Do you have any stocks in your watch list to share?


  1. Hi have you thought of considering VICOM, Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust and/or Capital Retail China Trust??

  2. Hi Sweetretirement,
    With suntec reit gone, would you consider introducing new reit into your portfolio i.e. crct, aims to name a few, that fulfills your criteria of divd yield? Instead of adding to your current. What’s your take…?

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