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Kingsmen Creatives Turn The Tide Around with 1H2018 Financial Results

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From a sea of red financial results a year ago (Read more: Kingsmen Creatives FY2017 Financial Results Is Disappointing ), Kingsmen Creatives have managed to turn the tide around by releasing a set of positive 1H 2018 financial results.

Revenue increases 1.3% to S$146.8 million and Net profit increases 7.5% to S$2.9 million. Earnings per share has also increased 7.2% from 1.38 cents to 1.48 cents. The company’s cash flow remain healthy as the cash and cash equivalents stood at S$67.6 million as at 30 June 2018.

As at 31 July 2018, the Group has secured contracts of S$322 million, of which S$273 million is expected to be recognised in FY2018. Kingsmen Creatives expect FY2018 to be a profitable year which I am happy for the company as a shareholder.

An interim dividend of 1.0 cents was declared.

1H2018 Financial Results

1H 20181H 2017 Change
Gross profitS$35.7mS$35.3m1.1%
Net profitS$2.9mS$2.7m7.5%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)1.48 cents1.38 cents7.2%

The details:

  • The Exhibitions and Thematic division registered a revenue of S$65.1 million in 1H2018, an increase of S$5.6 million or 9.5% from S$59.5 million in 1H2017.
  • The Retail & Corporate Interiors division recorded a revenue of S$69.9 million in 1H2018, a decrease of S$4.1 million or 5.5% compared to S$74.0 million in 1H2017.
  • The Group’s Research & Design division achieved a revenue of S$7.3 million in 1H2018, an increase of S$0.7 million or 10.4% from S$6.6 million in 1H2017.
  • The Alternative Marketing division registered a revenue of S$4.5 million in 1H2018, a decrease of S$0.4 million or 7.8% compared to S$4.9 million in 1H2017.

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