Get Three Dollars Free From ShopBackGo

I hope you guys have enjoyed the ShopBackGo promotion that I have shared previously (Read more: Shop For Free at Guardian Using ShopBackGo ) If you have linked your credit card to your ShopBackGo account and bought an item S$10 or less from Guardian during the promotion period, you should have seen how easy it is to get the S$10 cashback in your ShopBack account.

Here is another great promotion from ShopBackGo. Simple link your Citibank Visa Card to your ShopBack Go and receive S$3 cash back immediately! No purchase required!

If you use ShopBackGo and dine at another 3 restaurants, you get S$10 cashback bonus.

You dine at 6 restaurants, you get S$25 cashback bonus.

You dine at 10 restaurants, you get S$50 cashback bonus.

The maximum you can get is S$3 (from linking your Citi Visa credit card) + S$50 (dining at 10 restaurants) = S$53.

Below are the list of restaurants you can try using the ShopBackGo app.

Sign up for ShopBack now using my referral link!

(Note: You and I get $5 if you sign up using my referral link above.)

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