Long Term Financial Goal Progress for January 2022

Financial Goals Progress January 2022

Long Term Financial Goal Progress for January 2022

Above is the progress of me reaching my targeted financial goals for January 2022. The total value of my financial assets have decreased from 62.47% to 58.25%. Oh boy, what a way to kick start the new year.

Technology stocks plunged in January 2022, driving panic selling across various stock exchanges. This is due to ongoing concerns over rising inflation and interest rates around the world. Part of the reason for the plunge is also attributed to the continued spread of Omicron.

What does my financial assets comprise of? The total value of my financial assets comprised of the following:

Insurance Savings

There is nothing much to update for Singlife, DashEasyEarn and Dash PET. I believe you already heard of these accounts whereby they are alternative to traditional savings accounts.

You just deposit money and watch them grow effortlessly. I have reached the maximum allowed amount of S$20,000 in Dash EasyEarn which is giving me a return of 1.2% per annum.

Dash PET is also giving me 1.70% p.a. for the first S$10,000. The crediting rate for any amount above S$10,000 is 1.20%.

Singlife return is lower at 1% p.a. for the first S$10,000.

Singapore Savings Bonds

Singapore Saving Bonds continue to be an almost risk free investment.

In January, I have collected the following interest payout from the Singapore Savings Bonds that I have bought every month over the years.

  • January 2020 (GX20010T)
  • July 2019 (GX19070W)
  • January 2019 (GX19010T)
  • July 2018 (GX18070N)

The effective interest rate of this month’s issue of Singapore Savings Bond (SBFEB22) is giving 1.64% per annum. Readers who wanted safe haven or place for emergency funds should consider.

My Stock Portfolio

I use Stocks Café to keep track of the total value worth of my stocks.

Taking opportunity of the weakness in the current stock market, I added more of US Manulife REIT. As such, the allocation of US Manulife REIT in my stock portfolio increased from 5.98% to 6.87%.

I have added a new stock, Mapletree Logistics Trust to my stock portfolio.



Auto Investing with Syfe

Syfe did not escape the plunge of the technology stocks. My Capital Growth portfolio provided me a negative time weighted return of 0.56%.

If you want to know more, the Capital Growth portfolio comprises of 68.3% equity, 25.4% Bond, 5.5% Commodity and 0.8% cash.


This month, I received the dividend payout from Singtel and CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust.


I am sad to announce that I have lost all my investment in Forex. I was using an online trading platform called Samtrade FX and all operations have been halted.

If you didn’t know yet, Samtrade FX was being investigated by the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for suspect of irregular trading activities.

Summary of Financial Goals Progress January 2022

As you can see, this is definitely not a great way to start off the new year 2022.

But if you look at it positively, the current crisis (plunge of technology stocks) is a great opportunity to buy companies that you have been eyeing at cheaper prices.

If the market remains weak, I shall continue buy companies that pays great dividends over the next few months!

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