Dash PET

Dash PET Insurance Savings Plan

Dash PET Insurance Savings Plan

Dash PET is the second insurance savings plan offered by Etiqa Insurance that earns a crediting interest rate and is only eligible to Dash users. The insurance savings plan is similar to Dash EasyEarn whereby there is no monthly fees, no regular top ups required and no lock in period. You can start saving from just S$50 up to S$30,000.

The name “Dash PET” sounds like an insurance plan for pets but its not. PET stands for Protect, Earn and Transact. The selling point of Dash PET is that you can transfer money from your Dash Wallet to Dash PET and vice versa.

One downside is that once you signed up for Dash PET, the debit card/credit card top up feature will be disabled for your Dash wallet. This is because as you’re able to use Dash wallet to top up your Dash PET account, they need to disable the credit/debit card top up feature because Dash PET is an insurance plan of which its premium may only be added using non-credit/debit card modes.

Protect (Insurance Benefits)

The insurance plan provide life protection of 105% of your account value and COVID-19 financial assistance benefit. In the event of death during the policy term, 105% of your Account Value will be paid as the death benefit and the policy ends.

You might be wondering what is the COVID-19 financial assistance benefit?

All Etiqa life insured will receive the following coverage upon diagnosis of COVID-19:

  • Hospitalisation Benefit for up to 10 days, up to S$100 per day;
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Benefit for up to 5 days, up to S$200 per day; and
  • Lump sum Death Benefit of S$50,000.


You earn 1.7% p.a. on your first S$10,000 and 1.2% p.a. for above S$10,000.

For the first S$10,000 Account Value: Guaranteed 1% p.a. + 0.7% p.a. bonus for the first policy year.

For above first S$10,000 Account Value: 1% p.a. guaranteed + 0.2% p.a. bonus for the first policy year.

You need to maintain a daily average of S$50 to earn interest. The maximum allowed is S$30,000.


There is no lock-in period or monthly commitment.

Since this is Chinese New Year, this is one place to put your Ang Bao money!

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