BS24110T is 3.65%

6-Month T-bill BS24110T

The cutoff yield for 6-Month T-bill BS24110T is 3.65% per annum. Singapore Treasury Bills (T-Bills) is one of the ways I am using to build my passive income. Similar to Singapore Savings Bonds, Singapore Treasury Bills (T-Bills) are considered low risk in nature. If you invest S$10,000 in the 6-month T-bill BS24110T, the interest you will earn is S$182 ($10,000 x 3.65% x 182/365 days) when it matures on 26th November 2024.

What are Singapore Treasury Bills? Treasury bills (T-bills) are short-term Singapore Government Securities (SGS). They are issued at a discount to their face value. Investors receive the full-face value at maturity. The Singapore Government issues 6-month and 1-year T-bills.

Singapore Savings Bonds issuance size and interest rates are announced via the Savings Bond website on the first business day of each month. For Singapore Treasury Bill (T-bills), the Announcement Date and Auction Date can be found at Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) website under Auctions and Issuance Calendar. For convenience, you can also download a copy to keep on your computer’s desktop.

Singapore Treasury Bills Issuance and Auction Calendar

Singapore T-Bills Calendar

For convenience, I am sharing the Singapore Treasury Bills (T-Bills) Auction and Issuance Calendar here. If you need the Treasury Bill results such as the status of each issuance, please refer to Treasury Bills at MAS website – Auctions and Issuance Calendar.

6-Months T-Bills Calendar

T Bills 6 Months

1-year T-Bills Calendar

T Bills 1 Year

Tracking of Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) and Treasury Bills (T-Bills) All in One Place

Stocks Café is probably the only software that I know which allows you to track your purchased Singapore Savings Bonds and Treasury Bills (T-Bills) all in one place together with your stock investments. This makes it easy to track your total net investments.

Stocks Café allows you to create portfolios. You can use portfolio to different your investments. For example, I created three portfolios in Stocks Café, namely Stocks, Singapore Savings Bonds and Treasury Bills. This allow me to categorize how much I allocate for each investment.

Stocks Cafe How to Track Treasury Bills MAS

Building a Singapore Treasury Bills (T-Bills) Ladder

A Treasury Bill ladder is a strategy that allows you to capture higher yields while maintaining safety by investing in Treasury bills (T-bills) with staggered maturities. This investment strategy is useful as a low-risk way to earn interest and combat inflation.

To build a Singapore Treasury Bill Ladder, we are required to sequentially purchase Treasury Bills (T-bills) that mature at different times in the near future (E.g. Buying each issuance of T-Bills etc). These T-bills have varying maturity lengths, typically ranging from 4 to 52 weeks. When one T-bill expires, you reinvest the funds into another T-bill. This approach allows you to take advantage of rising interest rates and potentially earn higher yields.

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