Best Stock Management System

Best Stock Management System

Stocks Café is the best stock management system that I have used so far. This year, Stocks Café has entered its ninth year! I joined Stocks Café in the year 2016 so this is my eighth year with this fantastic Stock Management System.

Let me share how I discovered Stocks Café. Back then in the year 2016, I was searching for a free stock management system as I felt that the stock portfolio management offered by major brokerages are lacking in features. Often, the mobile application offered by local brokerages are good enough for trading but when it comes down to stock portfolio management, it was a hassle.

For example, when a company issue script dividend, I have to manually add in the issued units and manually calculate the average price. Another good example will be the stock split which threw me clueless on how to enter this into the stock portfolio module that comes with the trading software. As a dividend investor, what frustrates me was that I have to rely on Microsoft Office Excel to track the dividend payouts so that I can keep track my total collected dividends.

After searching over the internet for free stock management system, I came across SGXCafe. What is SGXCafe? If you didn’t know, Stocks Café used to be called “SGXCafe” when it first started. When Evan decided to expand the system to include APAC (“America & Asia Pacific”) market, he renamed “SGXCafe” to Stocks Café.

You probably may ask why I am sharing about Stocks Café. Is this a sponsored post? No, this is not a sponsored post. I watched the Stocks Café community grow over the years. Thus,I wish to spread the words how fantastic Stocks Café is so that like-minded investors can sign up and join the community.

I wish to be transparent about this. I am a paid user (“Friend of StocksCafe”). Thus, I will receive a minor referral fee if you sign up using my referral link.

Now, let me share the top features I love about Stocks Café that beats any Stock Porfolio Management System in the market!

My Favourite Feature Number 1: Automated Dividend Tracking

With Stocks Café, you no longer have to manually check the stock company’s website or announcement and then track using Microsoft Office Excel.

As you can see from the graph in Summary view below, Stocks Café shows the dividend yield and amount that is paid each year.

StocksCafe Dividend Summary

In the Details view, you can see the ExDate, Payable Date and the Amount Paid. Stocks Café even attempt to Project (“Projected”) how much Dividends the company will pay out in the upcoming year.

StocksCafe Dividend Detail

Dividend investors will surely love this. Navigating to the Dividends tab in Portfolio shows you the Total Dividends that you have collected each year.

StocksCafe Dividend

My Favourite Feature Number 2: Portfolio Management

After you have entered your buy or sell stock transaction into Stocks Café, simply let Stocks Café do the rest.

Behind the scenes, Stocks Café refresh its market data on a daily basis. Every morning, I will take a quick glance at my Portfolio Overview which shows the Current, Closed and Overall Profit and Loss (Inclusive of Dividends) of my investments.

I like how Stocks Café calculate my profits which is inclusive of dividend payouts from the companies I held in my stock portfolio. No manual calculation and entry of dividend payout is required!

StocksCafe Portfolio Management

My Favourite Feature Number 3: Tracking of Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) and Treasury Bills (T-Bills) All in One Place

The third feature I love about Stocks Café is that you can track your purchased Singapore Savings Bonds and Treasury Bills (T-Bills) all in one place together with your stock investments. This makes it easy to track your total net investments.

Stocks Café allows you to create portfolios. You can use portfolio to different your investments. For example, I created three portfolios in Stocks Café, namely Stocks, Singapore Savings Bonds and Treasury Bills. This allow me to categorize how much I allocate for each investment.

StocksCafe Tracking of SSB

My Favourite Feature Number 4: Stock Screening

As shared in my monthly stock screening, Stocks Café is my preferred tool for screening dividend paying REITs. Stock screening allows me to generate a shorter list of stocks that met my pre-defined criteria. Using the shorter list of stocks, I will do a deeper dive to analyse them further because stock analysis is not just about looking at financial numbers. For example, we should also look at the reputation of the sponsor and the past records of the management team managing the company that you are going to invest into.

You can configure and setup your own stock screener or check out publicly shared screeners configured by like-minded investors. Below are the two stock screeners that I have setup and saved that I can run them anytime I want to source for opportunities in the stock market.

The criteria that I used to screen for dividend stocks are:

  • Current Yield (%) >= 5 and <= 10
  • Price / Earnings <=20
  • Price / Book <= 3
  • Market Capitalization >= 1B

StocksCafe Stock Screener

Best Stock Management System – StocksCafe

If you are still using Microsoft Excel to track your stock investments, perhaps it is time to consider Stocks Café. As the saying goes, “Time is money”. By using Stocks Café, it has saved me plenty of time tracking my stock portfolio and counting my profits. I can use the free up time to focus on reading up and analysing stocks.

As you can see from the price below, the subscription is extremely affordable. This is also what I like about using Stocks Café.

StocksCafe Pricing

Still not convinced? You can try out the Free version first before deciding whether to subscribe as a Global Friend or Friend of Stocks Café.

What are you waiting for?

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