United SGD Money Market Fund

I have selected United SGD Money Market Fund as my Tiger Vault Fund under Auto-Sweep. Tiger Vault Auto-Sweep is a service that automatically manages my idle funds in Tiger Broker. While waiting for a Buy opportunity in the stock market, the idle cash in my Tiger Broker account are automatically transferred to United SGD Money Market Fund for earnings at a specific time without me having to do anything.

I am not an expert in money market funds, but I chose this fund over the other options after glimpsing through the fact sheet. The other available money market fund options are LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund, LionGlobal SGD Money Market Fund, Fullerton SGD Cash Fund and Phillip Money Market Fund.

You can either find the fact sheet using Tiger Broker or directly from UOB Bank’s website. Simply navigate to UOB Fund Selector Page and search for United SGD Money Market Fund.

UOB Bank Fund Selector

Based on what I read in the fact sheet, the investment objective of United SGD Money Market Fund is to provide a return which is comparable to that of Singapore dollar short-term deposits. 82.88% of the fund was allocated to Government bonds or treasury bills. Coincidently, 82.88% of the country allocation is in Singapore.

The top five holdings are (Monetary Authority of Singapore) MAS Bills which provided relieve that this is a low-risk investment. MAS Bills are considered low-risk investments due to their short-term nature and government backing.

United SGD Money Market Fund

The annualized return of a Money Market Fund may not be as attractive as Singapore Treasury Bills (T-Bills) or Singapore Savings Bonds but through Tiger Broker Auto-sweep feature, it allows my idle cash to earn some kopi money while waiting for that “Buy” opportunity in the stock market. It is a convenient option for parking excess cash or short-term savings.

Can I ask Tiger Broker users out there, which fund did you choose to Auto-sweep?

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