Summary of April 2019 Transactions

My stock portfolio remained unchanged for the month of April as I did not make any buy or sell transactions this month other than the regular purchase of setting aside a portion of my monthly salary to purchase Singapore Savings Bonds. It seems to have become a habit and Singapore Savings Bonds currently make up 18% of my stock portfolio.

My expenses went up this month due to renewal of car insurance, road tax, car servicing and changing of my car tires. Despite spending so much this month, I am glad my finances are doing well due to good saving habits.

This month, I have added SPH Reit to my wife’s stock portfolio. SPH Reit now makes up 9% of her stock portfolio. Now, she has one new Reit to pay her quarterly dividends.

I have done a screening and there are not many Reits that offers above 5% dividend yield at the moment as the recent bull run seems to drive most stock prices up. Since she is piling too much cash in the bank right now, I decided to invest little bit of her cash into SPH Reit for the higher yield.

You can read more about my personal analysis of SPH Reit below.

My Personal Analysis of SPH REIT

Reviewing My Personal Analysis of SPH REIT

Last but not least, I will just like to say how wonderful it is to both of us, as we now enjoy regular payout of dividends which can help us in terms of expenses ranging from household, children and personal spending.

This is the power of dividend investing!

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