Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

Today is the last working day of the year 2022. Usually at this time, I will reflect on myself through the year and set new goals for the New Year ahead. In 2022, I tried to build certain habits because once you build a habit, it becomes long lasting.

#1 I want to be stronger

2022 Running

My first habit that I have developed was to exercise regularly every week. Yes, I have developed a habit to go for a 5km run at least once a week. With the relaxation of COVID-19 rules, I have also started to go to the gym on weekends to workout. Even though I am still overweight, I believe I should shed some kilograms in the upcoming year 2023.

#2 I want to improve my knowledge

Udemy has always been my favourite place to learn new skills through online courses. In 2022, I have also earned myself two Microsoft certifications.

#3 I want to be financially free

Long Term Financial Goal Progress for December 2022

Above is the financial freedom dashboard that I have developed to keep track of the total value of my assets.

Different people have different financial goals. You can set it at 1 million, 2 million etc. Money is never enough and differs based on your lifestyle.

I am glad that I have stayed invested throughout 2022 even though the stock market crashes. I ended the year 2022 with only 38.36% away from reaching my financial goal.

#4 I want to be a better parent

I am not sure if I did well in this but parenting is often a tough topic. I will try harder in 2023.

#5 I want to be a minimalist

I have refrained myself from purchasing unnecessary stuffs. This also means that I have more cash to purchase stocks to build my stock portfolio. At the end of the year, I have also cleared my closet and donated away clothes that I do not wear anymore.

My Goals for 2023 (Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023)

Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

Recently, I watched this video (“From 80K in Debt to Millionaire in 3 Years”) on Youtube by Anthony Vicino. He went from $80K in debt to a million dollar net worth in 3 years. His story was inspirational.

In 2023, I will focus on a few areas: Mindset, Health, Wealth and Skills.

With the habits that I have developed in 2022, I shall see how far it takes me in the above 4 areas.

Happy New Year Everyone!

It didn’t matter how I started the year 2022 but I know I have finished this year well.

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