Financial Goals For February 2024

Long Term Financial Goal Progress for February 2024

We have reached the end of the month again and as usual I am going to provide an update on the progress of myself trying to reach my targeted financial goals for February 2024. The total value of my financial assets grew from 72.62% to 73.95%.

The growth was attributed to the increase in value of my stock portfolio. In January and February, REITs have announced their latest quarter financial results or business updates. Most of the REITs that I know of were affected by the higher interest rates environment. As such, higher financial costs eroded their distributable income, impacting Distribution Per Unit (DPU).

Taking opportunity in the weakness in share price in REITs, I added more of Mapletree Logistics Trust (SGX:M44U) and Keppel DC REIT (SGX:AJBU).


Now, you may have wonder why did my stocks investments grow despite the decline in share price of REITs?

My US stock portfolio is made up of multiple technology stocks. These big tech giants have benefit from the Boom of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and as a result, their share price has almost tripled in the previous months. One good example is NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA).

I am not sure how long Artificial Intelligence (AI) will last but I hope it will stay like this for the next few years.

US Portfolio_202402_February

Summary of Financial Goals For February 2024

I have no further updates for Fixed Deposits or T-Bills because my pocket is tight after recent spending during Chinese New Year. I have also made a big purchase before Chinese New Year which is to replace my old mattress which has been giving me back problems.

In March, I am expecting to collect the dividend payouts from the REITs in my stock portfolio. I shall be more prudent given the rising living costs. If all is on track, the value of my financial assets will continue its growth!

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