Summary of October 2019 Transactions

Besides the regular monthly purchase of Singapore Savings Bonds, I have made no other buy or sell transactions. The effective interest rate for Singapore Savings Bonds is falling and I am expecting it to fall further. Fixed deposits are offering better interest rates as much as 1.7% p.a. for a 12 month fixed deposit but of course the minimum amount is much higher as compared to the minimum amount of S$500 for Singapore Savings Bonds.

I am looking forward to the preferential offering by Mapletree Commercial Trust. Today, I received the following notification:

  1. Launch of Preferential Offering and Despatch of Instruction Booklet and ARE to Entitled Unitholders Pursuant to the Preferential Offering
  2. Instruction Booklet dated 30 October 2019 in connection with the Preferential Offering

If you didn’t know yet, Mapletree Commercial Trust is acquiring MBC II and thus the preferential offering. Mapletree Commercial Trust currently makes up 9% of my stock portfolio. I shall be taking up the offer and thus you shall see the reflected changes in my stock portfolio the next month.

If you didn’t know, I have been diligently contributing to my Supplementary Retirement Scheme (“SRS”) for the benefit of tax rebates. Since the monies in SRS also earn very low interest, I also invest my SRS monies into Singapore Savings Bonds since I am unable to withdraw from SRS until my retirement age.

As the year is coming to an end in two months, I am looking forward to December whereby I shall be receiving my Annual Wage Supplement. This should give my war chest a boost. I have been performing routine screening for stocks but found nothing worth investing into yet. Even though the old saying “There is no right time to buy”, I believe in buying the right stock and at the right price.

That’s all for my October updates. See you next month!

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