Summary of March 2019 Transactions

Earlier this month, I have made the switch to open electricity retailer which is Sembcorp. This should slash off several dollars from my electricity bill over the next few months.

As usual, I have made no buy or sell transactions this month. My holdings in terms of percentage of Singapore Savings Bonds crept up from 17% to 18% of my stock portfolio. I have been consistently purchasing Singapore Savings Bonds every month as I felt there are several benefits of doing so right now. This month, I thought of dumping a portion of my cash into CIMB fixed deposits but realize Singapore Savings Bonds offers almost the same yield. You can read more of the comparison here (Read more: CIMB Fixed Deposit Promotion Makes Your Money Work, Not You! ).

Next month, if Singapore Savings Bonds still offers the same yield, I will allocate a larger portion of cash to purchase more of Singapore Savings Bonds since it does not make sense for 44% of my cash sitting in the bank right now, earning a petite interest.

If you have followed my blog, I have been eyeing on SPH REIT. The market seems bullish this month and most share price of REITs went up slightly including those in my stock portfolio. Based on a distribution of 5.54 cents in FY2018 and the price of S$1.03 (as of 22 Feb 2019), this translates to a dividend yield of 5.38%. The share price of SPH REIT now stood at S$1.05 and is deemed unattractive to me since dividend yield is lower.

That is all the updates I have for March!


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