Summary of March 2016 Transactions


In the month of March, the stock market has recovered slightly and most stocks have rallied. As such, I have decided to stay clear of the current stock market to build on my war chest while waiting for the next opportunity.

I have performed no trades in the month of March except for subscribing to OUE Hospitality Trust rights issue. OUE Hospitality Trust rights issue came as a surprise and as share prices will usually fall after rights issuance, I have decided to subscribe to the rights and also applied for excess rights.

There are some stocks that I am interested in and thus I am trying to find time to do my personal analysis before jumping in. They are Kingsmen Creatives, Thai Beverage and ARA Asset Management.

If you notice my stock portfolio, I have removed TVB from the chart. I have decided to keep track of my Hong Kong stock portfolio separately. The reason is because of foreign exchange fluctuations and personally I think it is easier to track the value separately.


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