How to Get 100 dollars Cash Free

Recently, I have came across a fantastic credit card promotion deal and I have signed up for it. It is not a new recent promotion as I saw the promotion has been running from 23 June 2017. The promotion runs from 23 June to 31 December 2017.

CIMB is having a credit card promotion whereby you can get S$100 of cash credit by applying for their credit card and make a minimum spend of S$300 within 3 months  from the credit card approval date.

That is a (S$100/S$300) x 100% = 33.33% discount for S$300 spent.

Here are the steps to qualify for the credit card deal.

Step 1

Apply for any of the following CIMB credit card from the promotion page.

  • CIMB Platinum Master Card
  • CIMB Visa Signature
  • CIMB World Master Card
  • CIMB Visa Infinite

I have signed up for the CIMB Platinum Master Card as it offers 10% cash rebate for travel expenses such as purchase of air tickets and hotel stays.

Step 2

Upon activation of your new CIMB credit card, S$10 will be credited into your credit card.

Make a minimum spend of S$300 within the first 3 months from your credit card approval date. Another S$90 will be credited into your credit card.

That is a total of S$100 of free cash!


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