Goodbye Cambridge Industrial Trust

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I have sold off Cambridge Industrial Trust. Including the dividends collected over the years, the total gain is around 60%.

Below are my reasons for selling off Cambridge Industrial Trust.

Tidying Up My Stock Portfolio

I bought Cambridge Industrial Trust many years back when I started investing in stocks. As more stocks get added to my stock portfolio, the percentage in terms of value of Cambridge Industrial Trust becomes smaller and very much insignificant in my stock portfolio. Currently, it makes up only 1 percent of my stock portfolio. My ideal stock portfolio should consist of less than 20 stocks. Selling off the minority makes it easier to manage in the long run.

Falling Industrial Prices

The fall in manufacturing activity has severely affected the prices of industrial property. The price index for multiple-user factory and single-user factory can be seen declining. Under the current economy, I decided to divest Cambridge Industrial Trust in order to mitigate the risk of my stock portfolio exposure to the weakening industrial sector.

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