Long Term Financial Goal Progress for June 2021

Financial Goals Progress June 2021

Long Term Financial Goal Progress for June 2021

Above is the progress of me reaching my targeted financial goals for June 2021. The total value of my financial assets took a huge jump by 5.23% to 57.98%.

The increase was largely attributed to my salary pay out of performance bonus, collected dividends from stocks and overall portfolio value increase due to the recovery of the stock market.

What does my financial assets comprise of? The total value of my financial assets comprised of the following:

In May, I have start a Core Growth portfolio with Syfe. Let us see how it performed below.

Insurance Savings

Needless to say, I believe Singlife members already heard of the change in crediting rates on the Singlife Account.

From 1 July 2021, the base return (crediting rates) on the Singlife Account will be revised to 1.0% p.a. on the first S$10,000 and 0.5% p.a. on the next S$90,000.

I have withdrawn most of my cash and deposit into Dash EasyEarn which earns me 2.0% for the first S$20,000. As such, I have maxed out my Dash EasyEarn account.

Singapore Savings Bonds

There is no Wow factor with Singapore Savings Bonds as I collect my monthly “kopi” money.

In June, I have collected the following interest payout from the Singapore Savings Bonds that I have bought every month over the years.

  • June 2019 (GX19060S)
  • June 2018 (GX18060H)
  • December 2018 (GX18120X)

The effective interest rate of this month’s issue of Singapore Savings Bond (SBJUL21) is giving 1.53% per annum. Readers who wanted safe haven or place for emergency funds should consider.

My Stock Portfolio

I use Stocks Café to keep track of the total value worth of my stocks.

The stock market recovered since its slight retreat last month. This resulted in an overall increase in value of my stock portfolio. Most stocks are expensive now and it is hard to find a bargain.

Earlier, I wrote about accumulating more of Manulife US REIT before the share price increased due to positive news on the recovery of the US economy from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Auto Investing with Syfe

Last month, I started the Core Growth portfolio with Syfe which has provided me a time weighted return of 2.39%.

This is quite amazing given the fact that my Core Growth portfolio is only a month old. I shall continue my strategy of topping my Core Growth portfolio monthly.


In June, I have collected dividend payout from Mapletree Commercial Trust and Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust.

Since both of the above REITs made up a large percentage of my stock portfolio, the cash collected was significant.

You can check out My Stock Portfolio for the allocation of stocks in my portfolio.


In June, the Return On Investment (“ROI”) was 19.56%. Nothing to applaud about here.

Forex ROI June 2021

Summary of Financial Goals Progress June 2021

Cryptocurrency took a beating this month. Bitcoin and Ethereum crashed due to clamp downs by the Chinese government. Nevertheless, my stake in Crypto is really small sized compared to my other investments.

Did I forgot to mention that I have started an account with Hodlnaut?

Dividend from stocks still makes up a majority of my passive income. The current COVID-19 situation has really made the stock market unpredictable. Even though there was a recent community outbreak again in Singapore, this did not cause the stock market to crash unlike last year.

Well, in the meantime, I shall keep calm and continue to collect dividends while waiting for the next crash to accumulate more dividend stocks.

That is all for my updates on my progress of reaching my Financial Goals!

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  1. Well done on your progress. Do you have the breakdown of your total portfolio by asset class, such as SSB, stock, forex? For forex, are you doing forex trading? The forex ROI is monthly: about 19.5% in June? If it is, the performance is fantastic and could you share more?

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