Financial Goals Progress For May 2024

Long Term Financial Goal Progress for May 2024

This post is about my updates on my Financial Goals Progress for May 2024. What are my Financial Goals? Financial Goals are targets set by individuals (like me) to achieve specific monetary milestones or plans within a certain time frame. My Financial Goal is to stash sufficient money (target) which can help me to retire early in Singapore.

In May 2024, the total value of my financial assets improved from 74.58% in April to 75.56%. The increase was largely attributed to the increase in value of my stock portfolio. My Singapore stock portfolio is primarily made up of REITs while my US stock portfolio mainly comprises of technology stocks.

In the month of May, I noticed that the technology stocks in my US stock portfolio rallied. For example, Nvidia Corporation share price set a new 52-week high share price of US$1,064.69. Microsoft Corp also set a record 52-week high share price of US$433.60. Even Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) which I bought recently set a record 52-week high share price of US$160.78. I believe the current Artificial Intelligence craze is what set the stocks market on a frenzy mode.

My US Stock Portfolio

In May, I received the dividend payouts from UOB, ST Engineering, Delfi Limited and OCBC Bank. This month, I made no Buy or Sell stock transactions. Instead, I bought this month’s issue of Singapore Savings Bonds (SBJUN2024) because the effective interest rate had become more attractive.


My Stock Portfolio in May 2024

With the Fed keeping the interest rates high, I foresee interest rates for fixed deposits, Singapore Savings Bonds and Treasury Bills to remain attractive. As such, I will most likely grab the current opportunity to accumulate more of these financial assets.

Of course, if the share prices of REITs also plunge due to temporary negative news, I will accumulate more of selected REITs in my Singapore stock portfolio. The objective is to build long-term recurring passive income.

Sell in May and Go Away. Are you grabbing the opportunity to add more dividend stocks to build your passive income or are you selling and running away in fear?

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