Long Term Financial Goal Progress for April 2021

Financial Goals Progress April 2021

Long Term Financial Goal Progress for April 2021

Above is the progress of me reaching my targeted financial goals for April 2021. As you can see from the chart, the total value of my financial assets have increased by 1.1% from March.

Growth is lower than what I have achieved last month due to the lack of dividend payouts from the stocks and REITs in my stock portfolio.

I am happy as long growth does become negative.

What does my financial assets comprise of? The total value of my financial assets comprised of the following:

The primary growth comes from the current value of my stocks which is subjected to the stock market conditions for that month. The secondary contributor comes from Forex whereby solid performance has rewarded me over the past months.

Singapore Savings Bonds

In April, I have collected the following interest payout from the Singapore Savings Bonds I have bought every month over the years. The payout is sufficient for a daily cup of coffee throughout the month.

  • October 2019 (GX19100N)
  • April 2019 (GX19040X)
  • October 2018 (GX18100V)
  • October 2015 (GX15100F)

You might be wondering why I am not redeeming my Singapore Savings Bonds. If you have followed my posts regularly, you will know that I have built up my Singapore Savings Bonds as an emergency fund.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, this has reconfirmed my need to park some monies aside in safe haven.


There are no dividends collected from my stocks and REITs this month.


Returns from Forex was not as fantastic as last month. Nevertheless, Return On Investment was 12.87%.

Forex ROI April 2021

Summary of Financial Goals Progress April 2021

While I continue to increase the value of my stock portfolio though monthly investing, I am also looking at alternatives to increase my passive income.

I have dabbled a small amount into Crypto since Crytocurrency seems to bounce back to life these two years. My venture into Crypto.com Supercharger has rewarded me with Dodge coins. Needless to explain, you will already know the price of Dodge coins have jumped more than thirty percent over the past one month. I lament myself for not staking a bigger amount.

I am currently exploring Defi since I have read that it reward me with the deposited crypto at a higher return than what traditional banks can offer for your cash. Shall keep readers posted of my progress.

That is all for my updates on my progress of reaching my Financial Goals!

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