Summary of November 2018 Transactions

November is ending soon and we will be in the last month of the year 2018. There is basically no major changes to my stock portfolio as I have not sold or added new stocks to my portfolio except for the monthly routine of allocating some cash aside for Singapore Savings Bonds. As such, the percentage of Singapore Savings Bonds crept up from the previous 16% to current 17%.

As the festive season gets closer, I am expecting my expenses to crept up this month and next month due to purchase of gifts for friends and my family. I bought a Nintendo Switch during the 11.11 sale which I think is a pretty good deal at S$407 which includes one game.

Now comes to my wife’s stock portfolio. Similarly, her percentage holdings of Singapore Savings Bonds crept up 1% due to monthly routine purchase. She is also performing the DBS Multiplier Account plus Singapore Savings Bonds hack which earns her additional interest every month.

Even though most stocks and REITs in both of our stock portfolio did not achieve stellar results even though the year 2018 is ending, we are telling ourselves to keep calm. We constantly reminded ourselves that our investments are for the longer term and the dividends collected will supersede the losses incurred in the short term. We are dividend investors.

Last but not least, there are some things I need to remind myself of as next month (December) is the last month of the year.

  1. Contribute to my Supplementary Retirement Account for tax rebates.
  2. Set aside cash to top up my CPF Medisave account to the maximum. The Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) from 1 January 2019 is $57,200 for all CPF members aged 65 years old and below in 2019. This means I have to top up S$2,700 in cash if I wish to hit the maximum allowed in 2019.

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