Summary of May 2018 Transactions

There has been major changes to my stock portfolio this month. I have added Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust to my stock portfolio. You can read more of my personal analysis here ( My Personal Analysis of Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust ). Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust now makes up 7% of my stock portfolio.

To partially fund my purchase of Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust, I have sold off Boustead at a loss of 11%. However, with the dividends I have collected over the years, I made a profit of 31.5%. Gone are the glory days of Boustead since it spinned off Boustead Projects into a separate listed stock on SGX. In recent years, it has also been impacted by the economy downturn in the marine oil and gas sector. Based on my purchase price of Boustead in all the way back in 2012, the current dividend yield is around 2.7%. Being a dividend investor, I choose to sell off Boustead and enter into a position with Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust instead as it offers me a higher yield.

My allocation of Singapore Savings Bond has also increased to 13% of my entire stock portfolio as I applied the Singapore Savings bond hack to earn higher interest rate on my DBS Multiplier Account ( Earn More Interest With DBS Multiplier Account + Singapore Savings Bonds ).

I have also added Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust to my spouse’s stock portfolio. She now has 8 stocks in total in her stock portfolio. Despite the lack of contribution from NetLink Trust and weaker earnings from overseas subsidiaries, Singtel announced that it will maintain the current dividend of 17.5 cents per share for the next 2 financial years. This is something to applaud about. ( My Personal Analysis of Singtel ).


  1. hi, i wonder why are you still holding on to kingsmen? it has been doing very badly for a long time.

    1. Hi ah hong, in my opinion overall MICE remains weak which affects Kingsmen in a way or another. The thing I liked about Kingsmen is the management.

      Their key strengths are:
      1. strong global presence with 19 offices worldwide.
      2. Established reputation
      3. Established Major Player in the MICE industry

      Recently, Kingsmen have been awarded with contracts worth $22 million for National Day Parade 2018 and National History Event which should give them an earning boost in subsequent quarters with the caveat that they can manage their cost well.

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