My Sweet Retirement Receives GrabPay Physical Mastercard

As shared last year, I have signed up for the GrabPay Mastercard. Besides the virtual card within the GrabPay application, they actually offered a physical card. I have used the card a few times for online purchases just to earn reward points. The reward catalogue still needs some improvement as I couldn’t find anything attractive to redeem using my Grab Reward points. After a long wait, I have finally received the GrabPay Physical Mastercard in my mailbox today. It comes in a green card sleeve.

Here are some benefits that I read about the GrabPay Mastercard

  • No membership fees.
  • Use Singapore GrabPay balance to pay for Grab rides throughout Southeast Asia without incurring transaction and FX fees.
  • Earn grab reward points when you pay using the GrabPay Mastercard.
  • Able to use Grab for online purchases although I read about certain sites have disabled the support for usage of GrabPay Mastercard.

As shown in the photo below, the shiny silver card looks simply cool! If you are wondering how to identify the card belongs to you since there are no details printed on the front, your name is printed at the back of the Mastercard.

There is actually a QR code printed on the sleeve when you remove the GrabPay Mastercard. Below shows the instructions to activate the GrabPay Mastercard.

Have you gotten yours?


  1. Still waiting patiently for mine 😀

    When eventually, no rewards are being awarded for topping-up Grabpay wallet, not too sure what is their end-game …

    1. Hi Kevin, quite some time banks are not including GrabPay top ups in their reward programs. I like GrabPay because it is convenient. Beside that, I am not sure what the Grab Reward Points can redeem as their catalogue looks limited.

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