Frasers Commercial Trust DPU Rise for 2Q2016

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On 21st April 2016, Frasers Commercial Trust announce its 2Q2016 financial results. Distribution Per Unit (“DPU”) rises 2.9% to 2.45 cents as compared to 2.38 cents in the same quarter in 2015.

Higher Distribution Amount

The higher distribution amount was due higher rental rates and lower utilities expenses at Alexandra Technopark, contribution from 357 Collins street and lower repair and maintenance and painting expenses for Caroline Chisholm Centre.

Gross Revenue38,99434,81412
Net Property Income28,83624,71616.7
Distributable Amount19,34816,18919.5
Distribution Per Unit (“DPU”) (cents)2.452.382.9


Average occupancy stood at 92.6%.

Frasers Commercial Trust 2Q 2016 Occupancy

Weighted Average Lease Expiry

The Weighted Average Lease Expiry (“WALE”) stood at 3.3 years. There is low lease expiries for FY16. The well spread lease expiry provide income stability.

Frasers Commercial Trust 2Q 2016 Lease Expiry

Positive Rental Reversion

China Square Central achieved a positive rental reversion of 2.4%. 55 Market Street achieved a positive rental reversion of 5.4%. Alexandra Technopark achieved a positive rental reversion of 5.3%. What I like about Frasers Commercial Trust is that 52% of the leases have built in step up rents.

Top 10 Tenants

The leases of majority of top 10 tenants are expiring in 2017. Investors should monitor if the leases will be renewed.

Frasers Commercial Trust 2Q 2016 Top 10 Tenants


There is no financing required until FY17. 81% of gross borrowings are hedged on fixed rate.

Things to Note

Developments at China Square Central

Development works have started at China Square Central. The construction is expected to complete by 2019.

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