UOB National Day 2023 Savings Promotion

UOB National Day 2023 Savings Promotion

UOB National Day 2023 Savings Promotion

In this year’s Singapore National Day 2023, UOB is celebrating the Singapore’s 58th Birthday with a Savings Promotion. You can get up to S$1,558 guaranteed cash when you save with UOB. This promotion is valid till 30th September 2023.

As part of this promotion, UOB is also selecting 58 winners to win a BreadTalk Rewards Card with stored value of S$200.

Here are the steps on how to participate in UOB National Day 2023 Savings Promotion.

Step 1: Register your participation on UOB’s website.
Step 2: Deposit a minimum of S$50,000 in Incremental Fresh Funds in an Eligible Account. The Incremental Fresh Funds will be earmarked for approximately 4 months.

Incremental Fresh Funds AmountCash Credit Amount

If you are a new UOB deposits customers, you will be eligible to receive an additional S$100 cash when you top up your new savings account and participate now.

What Accounts Are Eligible For UOB National Day 2023 Savings Promotion?

The accounts eligible for this promotion are:

  • UOB One Account
  • UOB Stash Account
  • UOB Lady’s Savings Account
  • UOB Uniplus Account
  • UOB Passbook Savings Account

What are considered Fresh Funds?

Fresh funds means that the deposits are not withdrawn from any existing UOB current/savings account and re-deposited (whether part or all of the amounts withdrawn) into the Account indicated in the Registration (as defined
below) at any time during the Promotion Period.

There are no affiliate links in this post. You can also go directly to UOB’s website and search for this savings promotion. Just like you, I am trying to make my money work harder for me by constantly keeping watch for savings promotion.

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