Summary of June 2018 Transactions

There are a few changes to my stock portfolio for the month of June 2018, mainly AusNetServices, Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust and Singapore Savings Bonds.

If you are a shareholder of AusNetServices, you should have received a notification that AusNetServices is delisting from Singapore Stock Exchange. AusNetServices will still be listed on the Australian Exchange. Two options have been offered to investors which is to either opt for the share sale facility or to transfer your SGX shares to the Australian Register. I have opt for the share sale facility.

The delisting of AusNetServices has minimal impact to my stock portfolio as it currently makes up only three percent of my entire stock portfolio. It has been a great dividend yielding stock and I was disappointed with their delisting on SGX and decision to focus on their Australian listing. By opting for the share sale facility, investors are also not given a choice what price to sell their stocks at but it was mentioned it will be sold in batches at current market prices. With the total profit and dividends collected, I should be expecting an estimated 120% gain from the sale of AusNetServices.

My allocation of Singapore Savings Bonds has increased from 13% to 15%. Needless to say, Singapore Savings Bonds interest rate has grown to be pretty much attractive (Read more: July 2018 Singapore Savings Bonds is 2.63% ).

Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust allocation has increased slightly from 7% to 8% as I received my new units from the preferential offering (Read more: Results of My Application for Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust Preferential Offering ).

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