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Singtel Power Fixed Price Plans

This is probably old news. I only found out today that Singtel and Geneco has announced a partnership on 10th January 2019 to offer Geneco electricity plans. Singtel will be reselling these plans through Singtel Power. Since the electricity re-seller scheme has not been rolled out in the area that I am staying, I am still paying for electricity to SP Power (SP Group).

Below is the plan advertised by Singtel Power which looks very attractive to me as it offers up to 30% savings.

Fixed Price plansFixed Price plansDiscount off the Regulated Tariff plan
Contract term36 months24 months24 months
Geneco electricity planGet It Fixed 36Get It Fixed 24Get It Less  24
Price (incl. GST)17.88¢ per kWh17.98¢ per kWh22% off regulated tariff
Estimated savings in reference to Q1 2019 regulated tariff30%30%22%

T&Cs apply and rates are subject to change. 

Q1 2019 regulated tariff (incl. 7% GST) = 25.52¢ per kWh

Which re-seller of electricity have you switched to?

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