1. if you currently have sufficient funds in the MA (ie S$57,200), then the annual interest of 5% should take care of the increase.

  2. Hi Sweet Retirement,
    I’ve already got my RA (Retirement Account)set up two years ago. With the BHS set to increase to 60K comes 2020, will it still best to top up my MA using CASH to max up my CPF interest earned across all the 4 accounts (OA, SA, MA and RA)?
    Besides, I have some insurance premium, about $1,230 (AWL) to be withdrawn from my MA at the beginning of 2020. Meaning to say I need to set aside more than $2800 (i.e. $4,030)to hit the limit, right? When it the best time to top up, beginning of 2020 ( or end 2019 (31.12.2019)in order to beat the deadline to enjoy TAX REBATE?

    I have also a SRS account….with the maximum contribution cap set at $15,300. Does it mean my cash preparation to enjoy the TAX REBATE and reap the max CPF interest will be : SRS ($11,270) and MA ($4,030)?

    Hope you could highlight to me if my mathematical sum and analysis is on the right track?
    Thank you

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