Why I Subscribe to Fifth Person Alpha Lab


If you are a follower of the The Fifth Person, you may like this. Recently, The Fifth Person has launched a website called Alpha Lab. This is the second website they have launched on top of the current Dividend Machines.

Basically, Alpha Lab consist of stock analysis and researches done by co-founders Victor and Rusmin. Most of us own a full time job whereby we hardly find time to perform our own stock analysis and research. In depth research can take weeks and months. With Alpha Lab, you simply submit a company and if selected, Alpha Lab will do the analysis for you and publish on their website to share with readers.

I am impressed by the excellent and in depth analysis into companies done by Victor Chng and Rusmin who are both co-founders of The Fifth Person. The Dividend Machines course I attend last year have totally changed my investment journey as I sold off fraudulent companies off my previous stock portfolio and focus on dividend yielding companies.

I still consider myself a novice to stock analysis and this is a small investment I take to improve my knowledge. I have recently subscribed to Alpha Labs and will like to share the promotion with all of you. Alpha Labs is offering a 12 month membership for SGD497 instead of the usual USD 497. Promotion ends 12th August 2016.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and the author did not receive any rewards or benefits in any way.


    1. Hi Trixie, yes I am still with Alpha lab. They publish 2 articles monthly and share their portfolio positions. It is very difficult to judge whether it is worth it but Victor and Rusmin really provides in depth analysis of the stocks they review.

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