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Why Delfi Limited Share Price Fell

Delfi Limited

Why Delfi Limited share price fell recently? Earlier this year in March, I did an analysis on Delfi Limited (SGX: P34). Back then, I entered into a small position with Delfi Limited. The share price has risen significantly since my purchase and I refrain from topping up since the dividend yield has grown unattractive.

In August, I noticed that the share price has started to decline. A crisis or an opportunity? Let us find out.

On 10th August 2021, Delfi Limited (SGX:P34) released its 1st half 2021 financial results.

As part of their presentation, the management shared that in a number of markets, especially Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, there has been a marked increase in the prevalence of COVID-19 since the start of the year linked to the more infectious Delta-variant.

The evolution of COVID-19 pandemic continues to create uncertainties across their markets.

Why Delfi Limited share price fell recently?

As shared previously in my analysis of Delfi Limited, the Indonesia market makes up 71.5% of its revenue.

Delfi Limited 2019 Revenue Breakdown

In my opinion, what the management shared over the uncertainties due to COVID-19 has caused the investors to panic and thus the investors started selling off their shares in Delfi Limited.

Now, let us look at what went well.

#1 For 1H 2021, Delfi Limited achieved PATMI of US$12.3 million vs. US$10.8 million (+13.7%) over the same period last year.

PATMI stands for Profits After Tax and Minority Interests. PATMI = Net Profit – Taxes – Net profit attributable to minority stakeholders.

#2 Delfi Limited generated a strong Free Cash Flow of US$48.0 million in 1H2021.

The free cash flow Delfi has generated was higher by US$22.3 million compared to same period last year. The company has used a bulk of cash flow to significantly reduce their total borrowings.

#3 Same dividend payout was retained.

An interim dividend of 1.27 US cents (1.71 Singapore cents) per share was declared. This was the same as 1H 2020 in US dollar terms.

Opportunity or Crisis?

Delfi Limited Share Price 22 Oct 2021

Based on the current share price of S$0.74 and 2019 dividend payout of 2.35 US cents (3.2 Singapore cents), this translate to a current dividend yield of 4.32%.


In my opinion, this is more of an opportunity rather than crisis.

As shared previously, what I like about this small cap stock is its strong cash flow and ability to grow its profit year on year. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this does not seem to affect Delfi Limited at all.

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