What was Bad wasn’t so Bad after all


Recently, I took a short staycation with my family at one of the hotels in Sentosa. The official check in timing for the hotel was 3pm. We arrived at the hotel around 11.30am and I proceed to inquire at the reception if we could check in early. We were told there are currently no rooms available and was assured that we can have our room ready by 3pm. Thus we proceeded to Universal Studios to enjoy the rides first. When we went back to the hotel at 4.30pm to check in, we were told the rooms are still not ready and have to wait until 5.30pm. I was furious! The staff offered us complimentary buffet breakfast as a token of apology. That was over S$50 of savings! Well, what was bad didn’t turn out so bad after all!

The same week on 17th December, the Fed decided to raise interest rates by 0.25 percent. If you look back in the month of August, everyone will expect a sea of red if Fed decided to raise interest rate. However, that didn’t happen this time round.

Some stocks and REITS will be impacted by the raise in interest rates, especially if they did not have their debt hedged. However, on a positive side, the Fed believed that higher interest rates will increase the income of savers which will increase consumer spending. Consumer stocks will benefit from increased consumer spending.

Be Positive

Conclusion, Be Positive!


  1. Hi Sweet Retirement

    That is a really nice staycation there.

    Did you manage to get a cheap price for that? I’d love to do that too but it always seem expensive to me so I have never tried staycation before.

    1. Hi B,

      Yes, I got a good deal there via Booking.com. If you log in as a member, the website will show the member price. An alternative is to use Trivago for hotel price comparison. It is my first staycation too and I am surprise it did not turn out to burst my wallet.

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