Stock Screening

What Stocks To Buy In October 2020

Stock Screening

Looking for dividend stocks to buy in October 2020 but not sure where to start? As a dividend stock investor, I always keep a watch list of dividend yielding stocks on hand. When stock prices goes up, the current dividend yield decreases. When stock prices fall, the current dividend yield increases. This poses an opportunity for dividend stock investors to pick up the stock at higher yield and cheaper price.

One of the easiest way to create a watch list of dividend yielding stocks is to use a stock screener. My favourite stock screener is from Stocks Café. There are plenty of stock screening tools out there. You can use the one you are comfortable with.

I am a medium risk type of investor and thus I never looked at stocks with dividend yield more than 10%. Below are the conditions I set in the stock screener to identify dividend stocks.

  • Current Yield (%) >= 5 and <= 10
  • Price / Earnings <=20
  • Price / Book <= 3 Market Capitalization >= 1B

Below are the top dividend yielding stocks as of 17th October 2020 for your reference.

Name Current Yield % P/E P/B Market Cap
HPH Trust SGD 8.873 18.11 0.366 1.7B
HPH Trust USD 8.685 18.31 0.375 1.2B
CromwellReit EUR 7.937 10.34 0.954 1.2B
CromwellReit SGD 7.818 10.81 0.971 2B
Ascendas-iTrust 7.755 6.54 1.316 1.7B
Olam International 6.202 7.79 0.733 4.1B
OUE Com Reit 6.087 13.97 0.566 1.9B
Jardine Cycle & Carriage 6.075 5.82 0.747 7B
Yanlord Land 6.071 3.27 0.387 2.1B
Hong Leong Finance 5.921 10.01 0.542 1B
CDL HTrust 5.898 11.61 0.73 1.3B
UOB 5.816 8.43 0.811 32.6B
Suntec Reit 5.598 10.28 0.689 4.1B
Far East HTrust 5.393 17.72 0.653 1.1B
DBS 5.33 9.68 1.069 53.5B
CapitaRetail China Trust 5.22 8.2 0.779 1.6B
OCBC Bank 5.023 8.64 0.82 38.6B

The 3 local banks UOB, DBS and OCBC Bank appeared in the list again with attractive current dividend yields of 5.816, 5.33 and 5.023% respectively. The current dividend yield has dropped slightly as compared to last month. This means that the stock prices of the 3 local banks has increased slightly.

The current dividend yield of CapitaLand Retail China Trust has also declined from 5.816% last month to the current 5.22%. I read about the share price of CapitaLand Retail China Trust increased by 5% within one week.

I believe you have read about Suntec REIT is going to buy a 50 per cent stake in two office buildings in London. The current dividend yield has increased from 5.409% last month to 5.598% in the current month. This means that the share price has declined, which poses a good opportunity if you are keen to enter into Suntec REIT.

I hope you have learn how I use a stock screener to identify my watchlist and based on the results to interpret the current dividend performance.

That’s all folks!

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