Total Dividends Collected

Total Dividends Collected in 2019

The year 2019 is coming to an end and I have collect all the dividends from the stocks and REITs that I held in my stock portfolio. This is the month to count my monies.

The total dividends that I have collected in the year 2019 is S$10,547.40. This is an increase of 7.75% or S$758.21 as compared to the amount of S$9,789.19 that I have collected in the year 2018. This also means that I have missed my target of achieving my passive income of 11K.

If you didn’t know, I am using Stocks Café to track my dividends as it automatically tracks dividend payouts and there is no need for manual entry. This has saved my a lot of time. There is also a report feature where Stocks Café tries to project the dividends in the future. Based on the projection, I shall meet my target of 11K of passive income should the REITs continue to perform well.

Being over-conservative, I have only made one major purchase this year which is SPH REIT that I have added to my stock portfolio in June 2019. Expenses have crept up significantly this year and I have less spare cash to make major purchases. The increase in expenses is mainly due to children extra tuition lessons.

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