Alpha Summit 19 – 20 Jan 2019

Alpha Summit 19 - 20 Jan 2019

While others spent their weekend shopping for the upcoming Chinese New Year, I spent my weekends at the Alpha Summit event that was organized by The Fifth Person. The event was packed with mind blowing contents that are all related to stock investing, stock portfolio management and investing experiences sharing. I am proud to attend the event.

At the event, we were taught how to spot ten bagger stocks by looking at the free cash flow on equity. I also learnt that asset light businesses can scale without excessive capital which means asset light businesses can grow at a faster rate as compared to asset heavy businesses. It is also interesting to know that we cannot find 10 bagger stocks in Singapore stock market. If we want 10 bagger stocks, we have to look at the US stock market.

Victor also shared some tips for investing into growth stocks. He shared that the timing to buy must be crucial and the business of the stock that you are buying into must be scalable. The size of the stock also matters. Last but not least, the holding period must be long which means we should learnt to be long term investors (5 to 10 years) as compared to being short term investors (sell within 2 years).

Kenny shared how to identify valued growth companies like Facebook and Google Alphabet by teaching us how to calculate the Return On Incremental Invested Capital.

On the second day, iFAST CEO, Mr Lim Chung Chun came down to the event to share his past experiences as a stock broker and how he started Fundsupermart. He also shared his thoughts on iFAST expansion into the China market. The china market is currently still lost making for iFAST. As a CEO, he has consistently bought shares of iFAST. He shared with us that his reason for buying iFAST shares is that he want to put his heart and soul into his company. By buying his own company shares, he can focus on growing the company.

The event ended with an expert panel discussion by Tay Jun Hao, Victor, Kenny and Rusmin who answered many of our questions that we posted.

I have learnt a lot over these two days and I look forward to more of such fruitful events.

Thank you The Fifth Person!

Why I Subscribe to Fifth Person Alpha Lab


If you are a follower of the The Fifth Person, you may like this. Recently, The Fifth Person has launched a website called Alpha Lab. This is the second website they have launched on top of the current Dividend Machines.

Basically, Alpha Lab consist of stock analysis and researches done by co-founders Victor and Rusmin. Most of us own a full time job whereby we hardly find time to perform our own stock analysis and research. In depth research can take weeks and months. With Alpha Lab, you simply submit a company and if selected, Alpha Lab will do the analysis for you and publish on their website to share with readers.

I am impressed by the excellent and in depth analysis into companies done by Victor Chng and Rusmin who are both co-founders of The Fifth Person. The Dividend Machines course I attend last year have totally changed my investment journey as I sold off fraudulent companies off my previous stock portfolio and focus on dividend yielding companies.

I still consider myself a novice to stock analysis and this is a small investment I take to improve my knowledge. I have recently subscribed to Alpha Labs and will like to share the promotion with all of you. Alpha Labs is offering a 12 month membership for SGD497 instead of the usual USD 497. Promotion ends 12th August 2016.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and the author did not receive any rewards or benefits in any way.