Thai Beverage Breaks Down from Descending Triangle

Thai Beverage Breaks Down from Descending Triangle

Thai Beverage has always been in my stock watch list (Most people drink beer in good times and bad times right?). I have always wanted to own a beer company in my stock portfolio and it is about buying at the right price.

Previously, I have wrote about Thai Beverage forming a descending triangle. This is a bearish pattern. On 16th November, the chart confirmed that Thai Beverage has broken down from the descending triangle pattern which confirms the downtrend. Read More

Thai Beverage Forming Descending Triangle


It has been a long time since I tried technical analysis. To be honest, I am not really very good at it. Was watching Thai Beverage in my watch list and decided to check out whether it is worth jumping into. The stock price has appreciated quick a fair bit since I looked at it when it is at $0.72.

Based on the bearish pattern, a descending triangle is forming based on 1st August 2016 to current 28th October 2016.


I shall be staying clear of Thai Beverage for now. There is potential further breakdown below $0.91 should it breech the support line. As the old saying goes, “Never catch a falling knife”.