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Get Up to S$210 Takashimaya Gift Vouchers with POSB or DBS Credit Cards

I received the following mailer from DBS. It says that from now till 31st May 2017, you can receive up to S$210 Takashimaya Gift Vouchers with a minimum spend of S$2,800 each calendar month on your DBS or POSB credit card.

I am not sure if the promotion is exclusive only to me or everyone. However, I doubt I will be eligible for the promotion as unlikely I will spend S$2,800 a month. Thus, I will not be signing up for the promotion.

Promotion Period Minimum Spend Requirement Total retail purchases and cash withdrawals Takashimaya Gift Vouchers worth of
1 – 31 March 2017 S$2,800 S$2,805 S$70
1- 30 April 2017 S$2,800 S$2,800 S$70
1 – 31 May 2017 S$2,800 S$3,000 S$70
Total Takashimaya Gift Vouchers worth of S$210

Sign up now by sending an SMS to 76060 rebate<space>Mar3<space>your NRIC or Passport Number to register for the promotion.

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